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The trial of accused cop-killer eric frein gets underway today in Milford, PA

04.03.17 | Bob Price

A jury from the suburbs of Philadelphia has been bused in to hear the case. Frein is accused of killing a state trooper and injuring another, and then leading police on the largest man-hunt in state history.

The PA-based Crayola crayon company is saying farewell to the dandelion crayon

03.31.17 | Bob Price

Crayola made the announcement to replace Dandelion Yellow during a Facebook Live event in Times Square today, despite a leak on Twitter yesterday. Today is National Crayon Day and this marks the first time Crayola has retired a color. The company ...

Corning Community College is making a concerted effort to reverse the trend of declining enrollment

03.31.17 | Bob Price

C.C.C. President Dr. Katherine Douglas says they want to get the message out that the school "is a really good deal."Corning Community College was recently named the top junior college in New York. Many Corning graduates wind up staying in the ...

A deadly batch of heroin has claimed seven lives in just 24 hours in the suburbs of Buffalo

03.31.17 | Bob Price

Erie County officials held an emergency news conference last night.The seven victims lived in communities outside the city of Buffalo. Erie County District Attorney John Flynn says he will judge the drug dealer with murder, if it can be ...

Budget talks grind on in Albany

03.30.17 | Bob Price

Senate and Assembly leaders say there's still no deal on a spending plan, but they are confident they'll get there by tomorrow night's midnight deadline.Already, Governor Cuomo is planning on blaming President Trump should New York miss the ...

Tuition at Syracuse University is going up next year

03.30.17 | Bob Price

The school has approved a 4% hike in tuition. The price-tag for one year at S.U. is $45,000 dollars.  Most students get about half that back in scholarships and grants. Syracuse University has a student enrollment of just under ...

The Pennsylvania DEP has sued two tiny towns that banned frack water wells

03.30.17 | Bob Price

The sites in question are shale-gas wastewater disposal sites. The legal action sets the Keystone State on a collision course with municipalities over who governs oil and gas operations within a town's local boundaries.The lawsuits were filed ...

A wild accident scene in Buffalo yesterday

03.30.17 | Bob Price

Six students, two motorists and a police officer were hurt after an out-of-control driver plowed into a cop with his car, then rammed two other vehicles before rolling over and striking a school bus. One witness said it all started when the driver ...

Rochester's mayor says she won't cooperate with the feds when it comes to cracking-down on illegal immigrants

03.29.17 | Bob Price

Mayor Lovely Warren says she is not willing to put immigrants in a situation where they feel they are not a part of the community.       The Flower City is a sanctuary city and has made it a practice to offer save ...

PA lawmakers have unveiled bills to reform the state's domestic violence statutes

03.29.17 | Bob Price

The measures require defendants facing orders of protection to surrender their firearms. Police would also be required to take a more active role in assisting domestic violence victims. And the courts would have the authority to make it harder for ...

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