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Prosecutors in Pittsburgh are seeking the death penalty for Robert Bowers

08.27.19 | Bob Price

He's the man charged in the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting last October. His actions could merit execution under the federal system. 11 People died in that mass shooting.

New report shows farmers generated billions of dollars for NY's economy

08.26.19 | Bob Price

New York Comptroller Tom DiNapoli says farming generates $5.7 billion of economic activity for the state each year. Milk continues to dominate as the state's largest single commodity with $2.5 billion in sales. New York is the nation's third...

Eliminating school property taxes in the Keystone State?

08.21.19 | Bob Price

Republican Representative Frank Ryan introduced House Bill 13 on Tuesday. Critics say Ryan's legislation "robs Peter to pay Paul." To make up for the lost revenue, taxes would increase on the money you make and the things you buy. The bill...

There's a special election today in central Pennsylvania

08.20.19 | Bob Price

Voters in Snyder and Union counties are headed to the polls to select a new state representative in Pennsylvania's 85th District. Republican David Rowe, a small business owner, is facing off against Democrat Jenn Rager-Kay, a physician. The...

NY proposing new law to define mass shootings as domestic terrorism

08.16.19 | Bob Price

Mass violence motivated based on religion, race, color, gender, or gender identity would be punishable by up to life in prison without parole under Governor Cuomo's first-in-the-nation proposal. Steve MacMartin, is a criminologist at Medaille...

Families of 26K unvaccinated children in NY await judge's decision on school

08.15.19 | Bob Price, Sarah Harnisch

Attorney's representing these families were in court yesterday to try and get the state's revamped vaccine law blocked. In June, Governor Cuomo signed legislation requiring all school-age children to receive vaccinations unless a medical...

The first pitch of the Little League World Series starts today at 1 o'clock

08.15.19 | Bob Price

16 Teams from across the country and around the world have descended on Williamsport for the best there is in "pint-sized" baseball. Last night, the teams were treated to a Grand Slam Parade. The teams tossed candy to kids from floats as...

Montour County, PA swimmer is now world record holder

07.29.19 | Bob Price

April Warrick of Danville has become the first American woman to swim from Italy to France. Warrick survived multiple jellyfish stings, even to her face, after swimming nine miles. Her next goal is to swim Lake Tahoe or all the Great Lakes.

Firings for the "force" in Philadelphia

07.19.19 | Bob Price

The city's police commissioner, Richard Ross, says 13 cops will be cut for making racist or offensive Facebook posts--an unprecedented wave of terminations resulting from a scandal that has attracted national attention. The department had...

Contrasting steps taken on death penalty in Pennsylvania

07.17.19 | Bob Price

Philadelphia's top prosecutor and the state district attorneys' association have taken opposing positions in a case that will determine if Pennsylvania's death penalty will remain in effect. Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner says his own review...

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