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On to the next phase in New York's coronavirus testing

04.20.20 | Bob Price

Today, new antibody exams are being administered. Governor Cuomo says that testing will give a more accurate picture of "what percent of the population has actually had the virus and is now immune" to it. Many New Yorkers may have contracted...

PA's Dept. of aging launches online resource guide during the outbreak

04.13.20 | Bob Price

The resource provides seniors, their families, and caregivers with info on a variety of subjects including meals, prescriptions, protective services, scams, and how to stay “active and connected.”

Matilda's Law is now the "law of the land" in New York

03.23.20 | Bob Price

Governor Cuomo says fines will be doled out to those who disobey the "stay at home" order meant to stymie coronavirus. He refused today to speculate how long the "social-distancing" measures will remain in effect. The governor predicts up to 80%...

A traveling war memorial will make its way to Niagara Falls, NY this June

03.10.20 | Bob Price

The Fallen Heroes Memorial honors the men and women who have died in the war on terror since 9/11.   The massive American flag shape, standing taller than a person, and more than four times as wide, is made out of about 7,000 dog tags...

Christian school activists will converge on NY's capital next week

03.05.20 | Bob Price

Dozens of Christian school administrators, employees and students will rally for their rights on Tuesday, March 10th. They're concerned with the erosion of parental rights and new state mandates that threaten the survivability of many Christian...

President Trump pays PA a visit today

03.05.20 | Bob Price

The commander-in-chief will arrive in Scranton sometime this afternoon to participate in a live televised town hall meeting on Fox News. The one-hour event will be at the Scranton Cultural Center starting at 6:30 p.m. Scranton is home to...

Gov. Cuomo enlists church leaders to help with census head-counts

02.28.20 | Bob Price

Governor Andrew Cuomo has voiced concerns over losing congressional districts based on population loss. That means a decrease in funding. And while Jason McGuire with New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms encourages people to register for the...

Serial turnpike toll evaders will be prosecuted on southeast PA

02.27.20 | Bob Price

Mark Compton with the Turnpike Commission says his agency will team up with local prosecutors in going after Bucks and Montgomery County motorists who've accrued over $2,000 in unpaid tolls.  

SCOTUS will hear a religious freedom case out of Philadelphia

02.25.20 | Bob Price

At issue is whether a Catholic foster care agency in the city has the right to deny child placement in same-sex households. Philadelphia suspended the foster care program over that policy. The charity is now suing the city on religious freedom...

New York's plastic bag ban takes effect in just 5 days

02.25.20 | Bob Price

Starting Sunday, March 1, residents will no longer be able to get single-use bags at grocery or convenience stores. Mildred Warner at Cornell University says anyone who doesn't carry reusable bags will be charged 5-cents for paper ones. Critics...

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