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PA's auditor general says much of the money spent by local governments from gas drilling impact fees is wasted

12.07.16 | Bob Price

The money from the impact fee is supposed to fix roads and bridges impacted by gas drilling.  But instead, it's paying for things like Christmas parties, swimming pools, and worker salaries.    Of the billion dollars...

Planned Parenthood has closed 10 clinics in Pennsylvania over the past three years

12.07.16 | Bob Price

The latest office in Scranton closed at the start of this month. The nation's largest abortion provider spent $30 million on "pro-choice" candidates in the 2016 presidential election.

Police in Elmira, NY say a 24 year-old homeless man set fire to a nativity scene

12.07.16 | Bob Price

Residents say they can't believe somebody would do this on purpose.Elmira officials are raising funds to replace the burned-down nativity scene with a new one in Wisner Park.

President-Elect Sonald Trump's plan to invest a trillion dollars in the nation's infrastructure is good news according to a U.S. senator from NY

12.01.16 | Bob Price

Charles Schumer, the incoming Senate minority leader, says more than half of New York's 17,000 bridges are at least 75 years old.

The Red Light Camera Traffic Safety Program will end in Rochester

12.01.16 | Bob Price

City officials have decided not to renew the program that began back in 2011 in the Flower City. The program faced a lawsuit in 2012 over claims that it didn't allow drivers due process. That suit failed in state Supreme Court. City officials...

For a second time NY's governor has vetoed the Farm to Food Bank tax bill

11.30.16 | Bob Price

It would've given farmers up to a 5-thousand dollar tax break for donating surplus crops to charity.Natasha Thompson is president of the Food Bank of the Southern Tier." State senator Tom O'Mara says he's disappointed by the decision.O'Mara says...

The PA Dept. of Transportation plans to place barriers along medians on interstate 80 to help prevent cross-over crashes

11.30.16 | Bob Price

The $2 million project will focus on Monroe and Carbon counties. PennDot says the implementation of guard rails between opposing lanes of traffic will save lives.

A community is coming together for a family in NY that's homeless after a house fire

11.30.16 | Bob Price

Six children and three adults were trapped in the blaze in Whitney Point.     Everyone got out alive, but an infant and 10 year-old are still in critical condition. Neighbors describe the tragedy in one word--heartache.The...

A recount court day has been set in Pennsylvania

11.30.16 | Bob Price

A hearing will happen Monday morning, December 5th in Harrisburg to consider an election challenge from third party candidate Dr. Jill Stein. She says electronic voting machines could have been manipulated by malware. Pennsylvania Congressman...

A battle is brewing in western NY over plans to build wind turbines that could be among the tallest in America

11.28.16 | Bob Price

The Virginia-based energy company Apex wants to erect 70 turbines some 600 feet above the scenic shores of Lake Ontario east of Niagara Falls. Wildlife groups are concerned the towering turbines could disrupt a major flyway for migrating birds...

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