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PA Senator Bob Casey has asked for a presidential disaster declaration for northeast PA

04.10.17 | Bob Price

That's so communities impacted by last month's record-setting snowstorm can get emergency funding for clean up costs. Nine counties spent $12 million during the March 14th and 15th event that dumped more than two feet of snow on the region.

The PA House has muscled through a $31.5 billion budget proposal

04.10.17 | Bob Price

Governor Wolf calls it a good "starting point" for negotiations with the Senate. The no new taxes, bare-bones budget relies heavily on fiscal belt-tightening, government consolidation and prison reform to whittle down a massive $3 billion state...

A deer went right through the windshield of a filled school bus in PA

04.07.17 | Bob Price

It happened Thursday afternoon in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania.The bus was full of kids.                  The bus driver says he's never seen anything like it...

Moderate flooding in the Binghamton area

04.07.17 | Bob Price

Much of Vestal, Endicott, and Conklin is underwater.  Some roads are closed as well as basements flooded. The Susquehanna and Chenango rivers are expected to crest at nearly 23 feet this afternoon. Sunday and Monday,  much warmer...

Pennnsylvania motorists will fork over more cash for gas

04.07.17 | Bob Price

Pump prices are expected to hover around $3 a gallon this summer in the Keystone State. AAA says the spike will catch many off guard. The switch to summer-blend gasoline is the reason why pump prices will be soaring about 40 cents a gallon over...

New York police are cracking down on distracted driving this weekend

04.07.17 | Bob Price

Extra patrols are trolling the highways to catch motorists who talk or text illegally. Distracted driving accounts for about 40% of all accidents. The distracted driving crackdown in New York continues through Monday.

A PA senator has introduced a bill to de-fund Planned Parenthood

04.06.17 | Bob Price

Senate Bill 300, introduced by Pennsylvania state Senator John Eichelberger,  re-directs state funds away from family planning services that perform abortions. Pennsylvania lawmakers are also debating two fetal pain awareness bills that...

NY authorities are working to extradite a teen charged with arson from Butler, PA

04.06.17 | Bob Price

19 Year-old Jonathon Young is in custody in western Pennsylvania. He's charged with setting 12 fires throughout the Jamestown area. Mayor Sam Terici says the arson attack had his city on edge for weeks.  The suspected fire-bug is facing up...

School districts across NY and PA are debating whether cursive writing should still be taught

04.06.17 | Bob Price

Common Core does not require it and many educators say they don't have time to teach it. As districts focus more on math and science, cursive writing is on the decline. That's too bad, according to Naples, New York Superintendent Matthew...

PA House Republicans are doubling down on their 'no new taxes' budget

04.05.17 | Bob Price

The $31.5 billion spending plan must be reconciled with the state Senate and Democratic Governor Tom Wolf.

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