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The Wolf administration is making available $4 million to combat the opioid epidemic in PA

08.16.17 | Bob Price

Physician general Dr. Rachel Levine says the opiod epidemic is the biggest ever in Pennsylvania and the nation. Jennifer Smith runs the commonwealths' drug recovery program. She says 13 people died every day in 2016 to opiods. The funds made...

A Niagara Falls agency has hired a firm to study the black discharge

08.15.17 | Bob Price

The Niagara Falls Water Board has retained the services of a Los Angeles-based company to analyze the contents of the ink-like sludge. State officials are still investigating what led to the accident. Niagara County lawmakers are seeking a...

45,000 people have flocked to Rock Springs, PA for Penn State Ag Progress Days

08.15.17 | Bob Price

Pennsylvania Congressman Glenn Thompson says the event focuses on "innovation and technology that drives agriculture. Tomorrow, the congressman will be there to meet with local dairy farmers, many of whom are struggling to stay in business. Ag...

Iowa State Fair cow and boy taking nap wins the internet after photo goes viral

08.15.17 | Bob Price

Published August 14, 2017 Fox News  

Residents of the Southern Tier are hoping to end the sale of Confederate flags at the Delaware County Fair

08.14.17 | Bob Price

The group Fair for All rallied at the entrance of the fair yesterday. State police forced the group off the fairgrounds.Fair for All members say the modern "Stars and Bars" has no place at a public event, because "it represents a history of...

A judge wants Penn State to explain why the school's top athletic trainer allegedly took part in a deadly hazing incident

08.14.17 | Bob Price

The athletic trainer lived in the Beta Theta Hi house where Timothy Piazza died after a binge drinking party. More than a dozen others at the now-shuttered fraternity face manslaughter charges.

The 10th annual 'i-Matter' music festival happened yesterday in Horseheads, NY

08.14.17 | Bob Price

It's all about raising awareness about the problem of teen suicide. Pastor Scott Lowman served as one of the organizers of this year's event.  He says a whole generation of young people need to understand that there's more to life than how...

The murder trial of Akeem Williams started today in Elmira, NY

08.14.17 | Bob Price

Police say the 30-year-old shot his friend to death last summer after getting into an argument over an Xbox video-game console.

NY's governor is expected to sign legislation that requires police officers receive CPR training

08.11.17 | Bob Price

Brianna's Law is named after 11-year-old Brianna Ojeda, a New York City girl who died after suffering an asthma attack in 2010. Brianna's mom was stopped by a cop on the way to the hospital.  That officer did not know CPR.  

The teen mom accused of abandoning her baby in Elmira makes her first court appearance today

08.11.17 | Bob Price

The 17-year-old, from Sayre, Pennsylvania, faces attempted murder charges when she appears before a judge at 1 o'clock this afternoon. Elmira sisters Kayla and Karen Seals rescued the child after it was discarded near some bushes outside a...

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