List by Author: Bob Price

Tomorrow is Primary Day in Pennsylvania

05.15.17 | Bob Price

Republicans and Democrats will choose their nominees for statewide courts and school boards. There are several competitive races for superior court as well as commonwealth court.Also tomorrow, voters in New York will be going to the polls for...

A national driver safety campaign made a 'pit stop' in Hornell, NY this week

05.12.17 | Bob Price

The stop was all about educating high school students about the dangers of distracted driving.Devon Watson with the Save a Life tour says distracted driving is outpacing drunk driving in terms of overall traffic...

Homeowners in western NY say their mortgages are 'under water'

05.12.17 | Bob Price

Erosion from flooding caused by record water in Lake Ontario has homeowners worried about the devaluation of their property.Rick Davis of Hamlin has already had to saw off half his deck as his home teeters on the edge of cliff that's chewing up...

PA's ag secretary is criticizing the state's $32.2 billion budget proposal

05.11.17 | Bob Price

Pennsylvania's spending plan continues to be debated in Harrisburg. Agricultural Secretary Russell Redding warns that more than $2 million in cuts to the agriculture industry could threaten the agency's ability to safeguard public health...

NY could become the first state to legalize the use of a device aimed at combatting distracted driving

05.11.17 | Bob Price

In the same way a breathalyzer tells if a driver is drunk, the Textalyzer app can tell if a driver was using a phone while behind the wheel.Deb Hersman with the National Safety Council says New York could start a national trend by embracing this...

Penn State's president says the Beta Theta Pi fraternity will never be allowed back on campus

05.11.17 | Bob Price

University President Eric Barron insists the organization involved in a deadly hazing incident back in February will never again operate at Penn Sate. 18 Members of the Beta Theta Pi house have been charged with manslaughter for the death of 19...

The Buffalo Bills have named Brandon Beane their new general manager

05.10.17 | Bob Price

The 40 year-old comes to western New York from Carolina. The same team from which the Bill's first-year Head Coach Sean McDermott hails from.Beane spent six seasons in Carolina with Sean McDermott, the former panthers' defensive...

The PA Civil Service Commission says it'll get rid of the criminal conviction question from job applications

05.10.17 | Bob Price

The move, effective on July 1st, follows the "fair chance" hiring policy adopted by Governor Tom Wolf. He says the change allows job-seekers to be judged on their skills not just their criminal history. Civil service jobs make up 70% of...

NY Senate Democrats are proposing tighter gun control laws

05.10.17 | Bob Price

They wanna keep firearms out of the hands of children and anyone convicted of a hate crime or domestic violence. New York already has the toughest gun control statute in the nation. The Safe Act was passed shortly after the Sandy Hook School...

PA Gov. Tom Wolf is making a pitch for early child-hood education ahead of the June 30th deadline

05.09.17 | Bob Price

The governor wants to invest $75 million into early childhood education as part of the more than $32 billion budget proposal. Pennsylvania faces a $3 billion dollar budget shortfall.  

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