List by Author: Bob Price

NY state begins to "thaw out" from the coronavirus "cold" next weekend

05.07.20 | Bob Price

Erie County Executive Mark Polancarz doubts the statistics in his region, the Buffalo-area, will allow the "unpause" by May 15. Niagara County Chairwoman Rebecca Wydysh agrees that early June is probably a more realistic goal for the western...

Pennsylvania offers a throwback to FDR's CCC camps

05.07.20 | Bob Price

By proposing the creation of the Commonwealth Civilian Coronavirus Corps, Governor Wolf wants to create jobs by taking the newly-unemployed and putting them to work--testing for COVID-19. He claims nearly "one in six Pennsylvanians that are...

PA House speaker slams ED Sec. for suggesting schools may not open in fall

05.06.20 | Bob Price

House Speaker Mike Turzai insists legislators and public officials also need to be consulted by the Pennsylvania secretary of education The state's top elected Republican says education chief, Pedro Rivera, is causing "unnecessary anxiety" by...

Former NY chief calls for probe into Cuomo's handling of nursing homes

05.06.20 | Bob Price

George Pataki wants to see an independent federal investigation rather than a probe by the Cuomo team. The former governor’s petition comes after the Empire State reported 1,700 previously undisclosed nursing home deaths from...

NY beginsto aggressively inspect nursing homes

05.05.20 | Bob Price

Erie County Commissioner of Health Dr. Gale Burstein says she's been told inspectors aim to visit a different facility daily to test all residents and staff for COVID-19. Nursing homes have been hit hard by the infection with 75...

PA Health Dept. data show COVID-19 cases reach 2-week low before reopening

05.04.20 | Bob Price

24 Counties begin a "phased in" strategy for reopening this Friday. Governor Tom Wolf says businesses in those counties that cannot allow for social distancing must remain closed. Movie theatres, gyms, dining rooms, gatherings of 25 or more...

PA group files brief with high court to allow pro-life protests outside clinic

05.01.20 | Bob Price

The Pennsylvania Family Institute's Michael Geer tells Family Life a Pittsburgh City Council member spoke, aiming to assure that women entering the clinic would not hear a pro-life message. It remains to be seen whether the U.S. Supreme Court...

PA's ED secretary warns schools may not reopen in the fall

04.30.20 | Bob Price

In fact, Pedro Rivera says there's a very good chance they will not. Rivera adds until the state can "get a grip" on COVID-19 kids won't see the inside of a classroom for a very long time. The education secretary insists the state education...

The U.S. House has canceled plans for members to return to D.C. next week

04.30.20 | Bob Price, Brandon Dickson

The switch comes after a capitol physician recommended lawmakers stay away until they finalize plans for telework and maintaining social distancing. New York Congressman Tom Reed says his bipartisan group is working on a plan that would allow...

COVID-19 deaths are declining in New York

04.29.20 | Bob Price

On Tuesday, 335 fatalities were blamed on the bug, the fewest for the entire month of April. Governor Cuomo says any re-opening of the state depends on hospital capacity. The Empire State begins to "unpause" on May 15th.

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