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PA state police say a skimming device installed on a gas pump in union county has been used to make purchases at 33 Wal-marts

05.05.17 | Bob Price

The device was discovered last month on a pump at Sunoco convenience store in New Columbia.  It was used to steal credit and debit card numbers from unsuspected motorists. Police say the illegal installation of skimming devices on credit...

20 House Republicans voted against the American Healthcare Act yesterday including four from PA

05.05.17 | Bob Price

The Keystone State representatives who said "no" to the Obamacare repeal and replace effort are Ryan Costello, Patrick Meehan, Brian Fitzpatrick, and Charlie Dent.

The heroin epidemic in NY has officials proposing safe-zones where heroin addicts can shoot-up

05.04.17 | Bob Price

The locations are designed to allow heroin addicts to be able to shoot-up without fear of prosecution.But Erie County Health Commissioner Gayle Bernstein says the injection sites would only make it harder for people to quit injecting.  The...

Gov. Cuomo has signed legislation that invests $26 billion into public schools across the Empire State

05.04.17 | Bob Price

The governor says the $26 billion investment will help develop the workforce of tomorrow.New York spends roughly $20,000 per pupil on public education, more than any other state in America.

Public prayer is under attack in Pennsylvania

05.04.17 | Bob Price

Atheists have filed suit over a 300-year-old prayer tradition in the Pennsylvania State House.Michael Geer with the Pennsylvania Family Institute is fighting against that lawsuit which seeks to ban invocations in the Pennsylvania House of...

Storm Pummels Williamsport Area

05.02.17 | Bob Price

A line of strong thunderstorms blew through the area Monday evening, leaving behind quite a mess. Several trees were knocked down and part of the roof was blown off a church in the Williamsport area. PPL reports thousands of customers are...

Strong wind topples several trees in Gates

05.02.17 | Bob Price

Trees were no match for whipping winds after a severe storm hit the Rochester area on Monday. In Gates, Betty Duval-Rutley was in her den when a tree snapped and crashing onto some power lines behind her home on Tarwood Drive. Across...

State of emergency: Broome restricts travel

05.02.17 | Bob Price

Broome County Executive Jason Garnar declared a state of emergency Monday in the wake of strong storms and a tornado watch. The declaration, effective as of 9:30 p.m., directs all county departments and agencies to "take whatever steps...

STORM RAVAGES REGION: Thousands without power in S. Tier

05.02.17 | Bob Price

Heavy rain and high winds moved through New York state and northern Pennsylvania on Monday evening, leaving tens of thousands without power in the Southern Tier. The heaviest rain moved through the region between 7:30 and 8:30 p.m. At midnight...

A federal judge in PA has ruled that an alliance of atheists can proceed with a lawsuit

05.01.17 | Bob Price

They are suing the state House of Representatives over its invocation policy. U.S. District Court Judge Christopher Conner says he will permit the anti-public prayer case to move forward. The Pennsylvania House has been opening its sessions...

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