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A great game that ended in heartache for the Nittany Lions

01.03.17 | Bob Price

A 46-yard field goal on the final play of the game gave the University of Southern California a dramatic 52-to-49 comeback win over Penn State in the Rose Bowl yesterday.   U.S.C. scored 17 unanswered points in the 4th quarter to rally for...

The abortion rate in Pennsylvania is at an all-time low

01.02.17 | Bob Price

New statistics from the state health department show there were 300 fewer abortions in 2015 than 2014. In all, just under 32,000 abortions were performed in Pennsylvania last year.  That's the lowest number ever recorded in the commonwealth.

NY's govenor has advised minimum wage workers to call a new hotline if employers don't comply with the new law

01.02.17 | Bob Price

Minimum wage workers can now call the New York Labor Department at "1-888-4-NYSDOLl" to report any problems. The wage hike went into effect over the weekend. Upstate workers must now be paid $9.70 an hour, up from $9 an hour last year.

A NY congresswoman is pushing for legislation to protect children from drunk drivers

12.22.16 | Bob Price

She wants to withhold federal highway dollars from 40 states that aren't tough enough on DWI when children are in the car.Democrat Kathleen Rice of Long Island says only seven states, including New York, make drunk-driving a felony whenever a...

Pennsylvania's governor promises not to raise taxes to balance the budget next year

12.22.16 | Bob Price

Tom Wolf will instead propose a series of government reforms to make official Harrisburg operate more efficiently. Wolf releases his budget proposal in early February.

Another corruption scandal is brewing at the New York state capital

12.22.16 | Bob Price

This time the scandal involves the state's $179 billion pension fund. The portfolio manager of that fund is accused of steering $2 billion dollars to brokers in exchange for bribes. The accused was fired as the portfolio manager back in February...

A PA inmate has asked the state's highest court to prevent him from having to spend the rest of his life on parole

12.21.16 | Bob Price

52 Year-old Richard Le Olds wants bail set for him and others like him--inmates convicted of taking part in homicides as juveniles without doing the actual killing. His request comes as courts across Pennsylvania re-sentence inmates sent away...

For the first time in a decade New York's population is down

12.21.16 | Bob Price

The head-counters at the Census Bureau say between 2015 and 2016 New York state's population fell by a little less than 2,000 people. Two years ago, Florida over-took New York as the third most populous state behind Texas and...

The PA System of Higher Ed doled out $77 million in pay raises to 8,000 employees yesterday

12.21.16 | Bob Price

The move comes after the first faculty strike in the 34 year history of the university system.   The bulk of the money will go to the 5,100 faculty members at Pennsylvania's 14 state-owned schools. A new three year contract was just...

One of PA's largest health-care providers is dismissing the use of opiods to control chronic pain

12.20.16 | Bob Price

Geisinger Health says opioid medication is ineffective and dangerous.  The prognosis comes as the commonwealth reels from an opiod overdose epidemic. The study was based on findings from 90,000 patients. It concludes that opioid therapy is...

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