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Senator Chuck Schumer says Amtrak needs to reconsider it's shrinking seat idea

07.17.17 | Bob Price

Amtrak is talking about downsizing it's seats in order to cram more passengers on trains. The U.S. senator from New York says that would be a mistake. Schumer says Amtrak needs to find other ways to save money without burdening passengers.

There is a new push to enact new anti-hazing legislation on college campuses

07.14.17 | Bob Price

Pennsylvania congressman Patrick Meehan says his Reach Act has never been more needed than now. Earlier this year, a Penn State student died in a tragic hazing episode.   The Reach Act requires colleges and universities to track hazing...

Gov. Cuomo is investing $10 million to improve home-ownership in Buffalo

07.14.17 | Bob Price

The three-year Neighborhood Stabilization Initiative provides funding for home repairs. 250 homes will share in the state funding. More than a million dollars will be invested to prevent home foreclosures.

Flash flooding soaked communities across upstate NY and central PA last night

07.14.17 | Bob Price

In places like Attica and Rush, a rush of water turned backyards into small ponds. The summer storms that "blew through" also took down some century-old trees in Snyder County, Pennsylvania. Dozens of roads are closed today due to high...

Authorities in Bucks County, PA have found the remains of at least one of the four missing men

07.13.17 | Bob Price

Authorities in Bucks County, PA have found the remains of at least one of the four missing men The victim's remains have been found in a shallow grave on a farm owned by the family of the man they think killed the young adults. The 20 year-old...

A big dig is underway in Geneva, NY

07.13.17 | Bob Price

A $17 million soil remediation effort is going on near the old foundry on Jackson Street. 16 homes and two day-cares look like construction zones today as DEC officials work to remove toxic dirt. All told, more than 200 properties in Geneva have...

NY state is on it's way to becoming a one stop shop for the hemp growing industry

07.13.17 | Bob Price

Governor Cuomo signed new legislation at Cornell University Wednesday to expand industrial hemp production. Hemp is processed for it's fibers which are used in thousands of products from paper to cosmetics. The governor wants to make New York...

Public authorities in NY have increased operating expenses by nearly 30% over five years

07.11.17 | Bob Price

The spending uptick over the past five years has resulted in few promised jobs. A report out today takes a critical look at the nearly 600 state and local government agencies that spend billions of your tax dollars every year trying to entice...

A preliminary hearing continues today for 18 members of a Penn State fraternity

07.11.17 | Bob Price

A judge will determine whether there's enough evidence to proceed with a trial for the accused after the February hazing death of 19-year-old Timothy Piazza. Attorney Tom Kline, representing the victim's parents, says Piazza was...

The search continues today for a missing mother and her son in Orleans County, NY

07.11.17 | Bob Price

24-Year-old Alexandra Finnefrock and her 2-year-old child, Joseph, were last seen last Thursday at her father's residence in Holley. Finnefrock was driving a silver Toyoya Corrola with Florida license plates.

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