List by Author: Bob Price

Pennsylvania is shutting down two prisons this summer to save money

01.09.17 | Bob Price

The exact ones have not been announced yet. That determination will be made in three weeks. Corrections Secretary John Wetzel says the group will still stay focus on the mission of creating "a safer Pennsylvania, by releasing people less...

Pro-lifers in Pennsylvania are pleased with new abortion statistics

01.05.17 | Bob Price

They show the abortion rate is at an all-time low in the Keystone State. Tom Shaheen is with the Pennsylvania Family Institute says he thinks "it's a combination of good pro-life laws in addition to changing attitudes and the availability of...

PA state trooper Landon Weaver is being laid to rest today in Altoona

01.05.17 | Bob Price

The 23 year-old rookie cop was killed in the line of duty last week while responding to a domestic disturbance in Juniata Township. A fund has been set up to benefit his wife at a bank in the Altoona-area.

Lake flakes are piling high in ski country today

01.05.17 | Bob Price

A snow warning effect thru Friday night down-wind of the Great Lakes. The wind-blown snow is making for a slow go out on those highways. New York state police report "blizzard-like" conditions in some places south of Buffalo today.While...

The lake effect snow machine is going to be working overtime this week

01.04.17 | Bob Price

A winter storm warning takes effect at one O'clock this afternoon for the western Twin Tiers and will remain in effect right thru Friday evening. Some parts of the listening area could get over a foot of snow by then. Most of us will only see a...

There's a healthy debate over school property taxes in PA as lawmakers return

01.04.17 | Bob Price

There's an effort afoot in Harrisburg to eliminate school property taxes entirely and replace them with a higher sales and personal income tax. This would mean shifting about $14 billion in tax revenue in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania politicians elected new leaders for the 2017 legislative session

01.04.17 | Bob Price

Republican Representative Mike Turzai was re-elected to a second term as House speaker.  He says, "we're going to reach across the aisle and get things accomplished."202 legislators were sworn-in yesterday.   Republicans have their...

As Cuomo pitches a plan for "free" college, a new report finds student loan debt continues to crush college kids

01.04.17 | Bob Price

Sue Keating is president of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling.  She says, "43 million borrowers owe $1.4 trillion in student loan debt." On Tuesday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo proposed making tuition "free of charge" at...

It's "back to work" today, but not "business as usual" for NY state lawmakers

01.04.17 | Bob Price

Traditionally, the first day of the legislative session in Albany starts with the governor's State of the State address. This year, there won't be one.  The governor has opted instead to deliver a series of six regional State of the State...

200 investigators in NY are being assigned to spread the word about the new minimum wage increase

01.03.17 | Bob Price

Governor Cuomo has put in place a task force that will insure earners are earning their minimum wage hike. In upstate New York, the minimum wage has gone up 70 cents to $9.70 an hour. That chunk of change is adding up. Corning restaurant...

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