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NY authorities are working to extradite a teen charged with arson from Butler, PA

04.06.17 | Bob Price

19 Year-old Jonathon Young is in custody in western Pennsylvania. He's charged with setting 12 fires throughout the Jamestown area. Mayor Sam Terici says the arson attack had his city on edge for weeks.  The suspected fire-bug is facing up...

School districts across NY and PA are debating whether cursive writing should still be taught

04.06.17 | Bob Price

Common Core does not require it and many educators say they don't have time to teach it. As districts focus more on math and science, cursive writing is on the decline. That's too bad, according to Naples, New York Superintendent Matthew...

PA House Republicans are doubling down on their 'no new taxes' budget

04.05.17 | Bob Price

The $31.5 billion spending plan must be reconciled with the state Senate and Democratic Governor Tom Wolf.

Baseball's back in Binghamton

04.05.17 | Bob Price

Professional baseball returns next week to the Parlor City. Fans got to meet the players yesterday at the Holiday Inn in downtown Binghamton. George Wilson of Endicott says he's looking forward to the 2017 season.The Binghamton baseball team...

New legislation in PA eliminates out-of-school suspensions for elementary school students

04.05.17 | Bob Price

Sponsors say those suspensions put a burden on families, with parents having to take time off from work or pay for day-care.

The budget wheels are turning in Albany

04.05.17 | Bob Price

Lawmakers hope to finish up work on a five-day late, $152-billion spending plan before they break for Easter tomorrow. Senate Minority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins says the process has been anything but easy.The deal in the works may include a...

NY lawmakers are expected to approve a budget extender today to avoid a government shutdown

04.03.17 | Bob Price

The move will extend the current budget into May. Right now lawmakers are hunkered down in Albany as they continue debating the three-day late state budget.This is the latest state budget in the six years since Governor Cuomo assumed...

A 36-year-old PA woman has died after crossing the finish line of the Scranton Half Marathon Sunday

04.03.17 | Bob Price

Lindsay Doherty of Clarks Summit was one of 2,000 runners taking part in the 13-mile race.  Doherty was rushed to the Geisinger Medical Center after collapsing at the finish line. No word yet on what caused her death.

The trial of accused cop-killer eric frein gets underway today in Milford, PA

04.03.17 | Bob Price

A jury from the suburbs of Philadelphia has been bused in to hear the case. Frein is accused of killing a state trooper and injuring another, and then leading police on the largest man-hunt in state history.

The PA-based Crayola crayon company is saying farewell to the dandelion crayon

03.31.17 | Bob Price

Crayola made the announcement to replace Dandelion Yellow during a Facebook Live event in Times Square today, despite a leak on Twitter yesterday. Today is National Crayon Day and this marks the first time Crayola has retired a color. The...

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