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Gov. Wolf is calling on lawmakers to make needed changes to ensure the safety of mail-in voting this Nov.

08.27.20 | Bob Price

With less than 70 days to go before the vote, Governor Wolf is pleading with Republicans and Democrats in Pennsylvania to find common ground and fix glitches that could delay results on November 3rd. Up to 10 times as many people are expected to...

Governor Cuomo has removed 5 states from NY's COVID-19 travel advisory

08.26.20 | Bob Price

If you visit Alaska, Arizona, Delaware, Maryland, or Montana you no longer have to quarantine for two weeks upon your return to the Empire State. Meanwhile, New York state has had a positive test rate below one percent for 18 straight days.  

Governor Cuomo givies low-risk high school sports the "green light"

08.25.20 | Bob Price

Tennis, soccer, cross country, swimming, and field hockey teams may practice and play games beginning September 21st. High-risk sports such as football, ice hockey, volleyball, wrestling, and rugby can only practice. No games are allowed for...

NY's Gov. Cuomo points fingers at Pres. Trump for exec. orders on virus relief

08.11.20 | Bob Price

Cuomo says the executive order digs the financial hole "deeper." The president wants states, like New York to cover 1/4th of the cost of providing $400-a-week unemployment checks. Congresswoman Elise Stefanik says the governor has no one to...

Gov. Wolf's recommendation to suspend school sports 'til 2021 garners reaction

08.07.20 | Bob Price

Republican Representative Jesse Topper says districts can decide for themselves whether the games will go on.   He claims Governor Wolf is moving beyond good governance and limiting the choices of citizens. The Pennsylvania Interscholastic...

NRA fires back after NY AG Tish James announces order to dissolve group

08.07.20 | Bob Price

Letitia James has filed a lawsuit against the gun rights group--claiming its leaders raided the NRA's "piggy bank" for their own personal gain. But, the National Rifle Association insists the AG has a "political vendetta" against them. The NRA...

New York will soon release fall K-12 education plans

08.03.20 | Bob Price

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo will announce this week what his plans are for the state's 700 school districts this fall.   Cuomo says ultimately, the decision lies with how confident "mom and dad" are with their district's re-opening...

NY's 700 public schools have 3 more days to get their reopening plans to the state

07.28.20 | Bob Price

Governor Andrew Cuomo makes his decision on schools next week. Salamanca Superintendent Robert Breidenstein says the "daunting task" requires flexibility while keeping close tabs on what's happening on buses and on school grounds. Governor Cuomo...

Republicans fear NY's governor has too much power

07.27.20 | Bob Price

State Senator Patrick Gallivan says the governor is abusing his "unchecked" authority by his response to this national health crisis. Gallivan says Gov. Andrew Cuomo is acting like a "king" with how he's governed during the coronavirus...

NY state is cracking down on social distancing violations at restaurants and bars

07.24.20 | Bob Price

Governor Cuomo is especially concerned young people aren't taking COVID-19 seriously. He's announced the creation of a multi-agency task force, made up of state troopers and others that will enforce the "6 foot buffer" rule. This task force...

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