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A new audit in NY shows 1/3 of schools are not reporting bullying

11.07.17 | Bob Price

The audit was conducted by New York Comptroller Tom DiNapoli. A five-year-old law called DASA, the Dignity for All Students Act, mandates such reporting by public schools. Brian Ball, an activist with a gay rights lobbying group, says "bullying...

Two statewide referendums are on the Election Day ballot in NY and PA

11.06.17 | Bob Price

In New York, voters must decide whether to convene a constitutional convention. Dr. Ralph Kerr with the Teaching and Learning Institute says $336 million gathering would likely pit downstate and upstate priorities against each other.   In...

Fast internet speed is a literal a pipe dream in rural PA

11.06.17 | Bob Price

Now, advocates for rural broadband want the state to invest a $140 million in federal funds so residents in sparsely populated areas can live-stream, telecommute and do video-conferencing. The FCC plans to distribute the funds through an...

Two waterways in western NY are spilling their banks this morning

11.06.17 | Bob Price

The Genesee River in Rochester, ny and tonawanda creek near buffalo are both spilling their banks this morning. Rising water will be a problem through the day for the Genesee River in Rochester, NY and Tonawanda Creek near Buffalo. Flooding in...

NY authorities are seeking the extradition of a Mansfield, PA man

11.06.17 | Bob Price

Curtis Burrows is accused of shooting to death a Chemung County resident Friday morning. 60-year-old Timothy Webster was killed in a car-jacking following a botched kidnapping that started in corning and ended a day-and-a-half later in...

Former NY Congressman Anthony Weiner start serving a 21-month prison sentence today

11.06.17 | Bob Price

He'll be incarcerated at a federal prison in Massachusetts for having inappropriate online contact with a 15-year-old girl. The minimum security prison, 40 miles from downtown Boston, has about 1,000 inmates.

A candle-light vigil was held last night in NYC on the bike path of the recent terror attack

11.03.17 | Bob Price

One attendee says, "We're going to heal and unite.  That's why we're here: empathy, love, and strength." President Trump is once again calling for the death penalty for the 29 year-old suspect, Sayfullo Saipov.  He told Fox News last...

NY state police are investigating a shooting and home invasion in the town of Big Flats

11.03.17 | Bob Price

Authorities were searching for a suspect in a stolen pickup truck. The shooting happened overnight. Police locked down the area there near Guthrie Corning Hospital.

NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has introduced the 'Stop Act'

11.02.17 | Bob Price

It provides funding to local governments so they can erect traffic barriers to protect pedestrians from terror attacks. Local cops have mixed feelings about it. The Stop Act allocates $50 million over ten years to the U.S. Department of...

Human trafficking continues to be a problem throughout NY and PA

11.02.17 | Bob Price

In the Buffalo area, it's a big problem. Amy Fleischauer, runs a not-for-profit that works with survivors of human trafficking. She says "the majority of cases involving minors, involved minors that were born, roomed, and trafficked here in...

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