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A special election will be held in PA to fill the seat left vacant by Rep. Tim Murphy

10.10.17 | Bob Price

The representative was forced into early retirement because of a scandal. Republicans are hopeful they can hold the seat in the Pittsburgh suburbs. That district voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump last year, but Democrats outnumber...

Buffalo-area parents of kids found bullying at school face jail time

10.10.17 | Bob Price

Moms and dads of bullies in North Tonawanda, NY face fines of $250 and 15 days behind bars if their child is convicted of bullying or violating a neighborhood curfew twice within a three-month period.

President Trump will be in the Harrisburg area tomorrow afternoon

10.10.17 | Bob Price

The event at the "yet to be" disclosed location is by invite only. The president is expected to speak about his tax reform plan near the Harrisburg International Airport. It's being billed as a townhall-style gathering.

Senator Chuck Schumer wants to improve tractor safety on family farms

10.10.17 | Bob Price

Sen. Schumer visited a vineyard in Hector, New York Monday afternoon. Tractor rollovers are the most common cause of fatality on farms. The senator wants to make it easier for farmers to install roll bars to keep their tractors upright in the...

Health experts say the warm weather this fall has kept mosquitos active along with the threat of West Nile

10.05.17 | Bob Price

The New York state health department confirms the first human case of the West Nile virus in western New York in about five years. Erie County Health Commissioner Dr. Gale Burstein made the announcement Wednesday. Statewide, there are 16...

A massive police investigation is underway in Canandaigua, NY

10.05.17 | Bob Price

An off-duty parole officer was shot and killed late Wednesday at an apartment complex in the city. Shots rang out around 4:30 yesterday afternoon at the Pinnacle North Apartments, a relatively new apartment complex in Canandaigua.  

PA's governorsays he'll borrow money to patch the deficit

10.05.17 | Bob Price

For three months lawmakers have been unable to find a way to fill the $32-billion hole. Tom Wolf blasted the Republican-controlled general assembly in announcing his revenue raising plan. The governor says he'll borrow money from the...

NY's governor slams Republicans for what he calls a 'lack of leadership' on gun control

10.04.17 | Bob Price

Andrew Cuomo says "now is the time to act," but Republicans are afraid of the NRA. Cuomo signed the first law in the nation to tighten gun rules after the Newtown School rampage. A bill by western New York Congressman Chris Collins would block...

A 12-year-old girl from Buffalo suffered minor injuries after falling 12-feet down a sewer hole

10.04.17 | Bob Price

The girl's grandfather William Miles says his grand-daughter, Grace Knox, was stranded in two feet of water in the city's sewer system on Tuesday. The family may sue over the incident. Police are still trying to figure out why the man-hole...

PA politicians hope to make a deal soon to end a 3-month budget battle

10.03.17 | Bob Price

Rank-and-file members of the house and senate have been holding closed-door meetings to discuss new ways to raise revenue. The state budget is out of balance to the tune of nearly $3 billion. Pro-family groups are concerned lawmakers will...

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