List by Author: Bob Price

It's back to school today in Sayre, Pennsylvania

04.25.16 | Bob Price

For the first time since April 12th, students are returning to the classroom. A two-week teachers strike has ended. The Sayre teachers have been working without a contract for 3 years.

Energy activists in New York are denouncing DEC's decision to deny permission to finish construction of the Constitution Pipeline

04.25.16 | Bob Price

Binghamton area state Senator Fred Akshar said the pipeline is an opportunity for jobs in a suffering economy.  The rejection of this pipeline is a blow to those seeking work.The DEC says the proposed route of the pipeline from Pennsylvania...

There was a fatal shooting inside a church Sunday morning in Montgomery County, PA

04.25.16 | Bob Price

Shots rang out at the Keystone Fellowship Church in North Wales, about 25 miles north of Philadelphia.One attendee insists she heard three gunshots during worship time.The district attorney says an argument broke out between two church members...

Business leader says Cuomo's 2015 trip to Cuba was a trade 'waste'

04.22.16 | Bob Price

It has been exactly one-year since New York Governor Andrew Cuomo took a trade trip to Cuba and at least one business leader says the taxpayer-funded excursion was a huge bust. John Kavulich with the U.S.-Cuba Trade Council calls the governor's...

Tax officials in New York have stopped nearly 240,000 false tax refunds worth an estimated $400 million dollars this tax season

04.22.16 | Bob Price, Traci Lynn Woolsey

Thanks to new softwarer, state watchdogs were able to automatically detect fraudulent returns among the 10 million that were filed. Governor Cuomo says New York has "zero tolerance" for those who try to "cheat the system" at the expense of...

With four days to go 'til primary day, Pennsylvania is the center of the political universe

04.22.16 | Bob Price

The candidates for president are "keying in" on the Keystone State. GOP front-runner Donald Trump at a rally last night in Harrisburg.  Ted Cruz headlines a campaign event this morning in Williamsport.  He'll also be in Scranton this...

Medical marijuana for 'profit' not 'medicine' in NY and PA

04.22.16 | Bob Price

Opponents of medical marijuana in New York and Pennsylvania say "profit" not "medicine" is the real motivation behind the growing movement to legalize cannabis all across this country. Last week, Pennsylvania became the 24th state to allow...

Wildfire warnings are up in New York

04.20.16 | Bob Price

Red flags have been raised as conservation officials warn wildfire danger is high due to dry and breezy conditions.           A burning ban is in effect through mid-May. According to the DEC, open...

The presidential candidates set their sights on Pennsylvania

04.20.16 | Bob Price

Ted Cruz is expected to win half the delegates in the commonwealth, even if he finishes third to Donald Trump and John Kasich.  That's because most of the delegates are "unbound" meaning they can switch their allegiance when the votes are...

A New York state senate race that could impact the balance of power in Albany is still undecided

04.20.16 | Bob Price

780 votes separate Democrat Todd Kaminsky and Republican Chris McGrath on Long Island.          Kaminsky leads and has already declared victory but McGrath won't conceed until all the votes are...