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The New York State Education Department holds the first of several public work-shop this week to address a teacher shortage problem

05.23.16 | Bob Price

SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher the retirement of Baby Boomers is part of the challenge.New York will need to hire 1,700 new teachers every year for the next 10 years for public schools to meet education demands. Fred Kowal is a spokesman for the...

The New York Public Authorities Control Board meets this week in Albany to consider whether to fund a solar power project in Buffalo that's under federal scrutiny

05.23.16 | Bob Price

Governor Cuomo's former campaign manager is accused of profiting illegally from the project, which could mean as many as 3,000 new jobs for New York's second largest city.    A massive photonics expansion project in Rochester is facing...

A Pennsylvania politician has proposed a fix to late budgets in the commonwealth

05.20.16 | Bob Price

Senator Rob Teplitz  is trumpeting a series of bills he calls the "budget impasse prevention package." The reforms require open budget negotiation "status meetings" on the first of each month leading up to the June 30th deadline. This way...

Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania is hoping to capitalize on the fracking ban across the border in New York

05.20.16 | Bob Price

A meeting was held in Montrose yesterday to try and lure businesses away from the southern tier of New York and to the northern tier of the Keystone State. Mike German relocated his business to Susquehanna County three years ago and says he's...

A long run of professional baseball in Batavia, New York may be about to end

05.20.16 | Bob Price

An out-of-town investment group plans to buy the Batavia Muckdogs and move them to Waldorf, Maryland. Life-long Batavia resident Shane Laythrop has been going to Muckdog games ever since he was a kid. Batavia City Councilman Adam Tabelski they...

A Walk for Life will happen tomorrow in Rochester, New York to benefit the CompassCare pregnancy help center

05.20.16 | Bob Price, Traci Lynn Woolsey

CEO Jim Hardin says abortion rates in the Flower City have fallen more than 40% the past seven years. He insists, "I think Rochester and Monroe County is leading the way to demonstrate to the county. Women don't want abortion, if they feel...

Awaiting a verdict in Schoharie County

05.19.16 | Bob Price

The 4th murder trial of Owego, NY businessman Cal Harris is close to being over. Lawyers for the defense and prosecution made their closing arguments yesterday.Harris was twice convicted of the murder of his wife, but those verdicts were tossed...

Former New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos can remain free this summer until "after" the U.S. Supreme Court rules on a public corruption case that could impact their prison terms

05.19.16 | Bob Price

Skelos received a five-year sentence and Silver 12 years for public corruption. The ex-lawmakers are awaiting the high court's decision on an "honest services" statute out of the commonwealth of Virginia before they must report to prison.

Get ready to pay more for health insurance in New York

05.19.16 | Bob Price

New York health insurers have proposed premium increases of 17% next year for individuals and a 12% increase for group insurance plans. Officials say the increases are necessary to maintain the financial stability of the New York health...

Gov. Cuomo admits wrongdoing is possible

05.18.16 | Bob Price

The size and scope of New York's state government makes it "unrealistic" to expect bad actors won't participate in wrongdoing, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Tuesday. Cuomo, speaking to reporters in New York City, faced another round of questions...

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