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A human trafficking ring has been busted-up in four PA counties

11.29.17 | Bob Price

Attorney General Josh Shapiro says two men forced six women into prostitution. The trafficking ring operated for three years in Lancaster, Montgomery, Philadelphia, and York counties.

NYers are 'high' on the idea of legalizing recreational pot to cure state's budget woes

11.28.17 | Bob Price

62% of respondents to an Emerson College survey say they support making marijuana legal for adults in New York. It's worth noting the poll was paid for in part by lobbyists for the marijuana industry. New York is facing a budget deficit of...

Half-a-million hunters took part in PA's opening day of deer rifle season

11.28.17 | Bob Price

Experts say the popularity of the sport has waned steadily in the commonwealth over the past 10-15 years. Still, many schools shut down on the first day of deer season in Pennsylvania. The two-week deer rifle hunt ends Saturday, December 9th in...

A few hardware stores in northeastern PA are being ripped off by the same guy

11.28.17 | Bob Price

Anthony Fazio is wanted in three different counties for writing bad checks. Brian Mushell runs a True Value store in the suburbs of Scranton.  He says the man has "written checks on a closed account." Police say Fazio stole hundreds of...

A plan is in the works to unify Democrats in the New York Senate

11.28.17 | Bob Price

It could be bad news for Republicans if it happens. Four top state Democrats have put forth a plan that calls for reunification of the fractured Senate Democrats. Currently eight break-away Dems have aligned themselves with Republicans to form a...

The PA House is expected to vote next month on legislation to tax Marcellus shale gas production

11.22.17 | Bob Price

The commonwealth is the only natural gas producing state that does not impose a severance tax on the energy industry. Critics contend a severance tax would cripple gas production in Pennsylvania.

Starting today it's illegal to vape indoors in New York

11.22.17 | Bob Price

Republican state Senator Chris Jacobs says, "We don't believe that anyone should have to inhale anyone else's smoke, whether it's tobacco smoke or e-cigarettes." E-cigs are popular among young people and that concerns Senator Jacobs. A...

A suspected cop killer is in custody in the suburbs of Pittsburgh

11.21.17 | Bob Price

29-year-old Rahmael Sal Holt was apprehended without incident early this morning after a 3-day manhunt. Police say he shot to death New Kensington Police Officer Brian Shaw during a traffic stop last Friday night. Shaw, a 25-year-old rookie...

U. of Rochester will spend $2.4 million to study the Mennonites of upstate NY

11.21.17 | Bob Price

Researchers at the University of Rochester will compare the immune systems of Mennonite babies in places like Dundee and Penn Pan with those in suburban Rochester. Scientists want to know why allergies are virtually non-existent in the Mennonite...

United Airlines will take flight once again from the Elmira-Corning Regional Airport

11.21.17 | Bob Price

The carrier ended service there last year, but starting next year a new partnership will offer two flights a day to Newark. The announcement comes during the construction of a new $58 million terminal and $14 million airfield upgrade at the...

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