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A powerful Pennsylvania politician has been charged with bribery

05.11.16 | Bob Price

47 year-old state Senator Larry Farnese of Philadelphia is accused  of illegally trying to sway an election for Democrats in his home city. He's facing fraud and conspiracy charges. The public corruption case comes on the heels of another...

A central New York man who lost his entire family to a house fire seven years ago is stepping up to help out in the aftermath of a fatal fire last week in Syracuse

05.10.16 | Bob Price

Joey Pottenburgh is turning his pain into action. He's raising funds to pay for the funerals of the six people who died last Friday morning in the Martin Street fire. The Clay, NY man insists, "the last thing anybody should have to worry about...

A struggling northeastern Pennsylvania shopping mall will soon be the home of a new college

05.10.16 | Bob Price

Luzerne County Community College will open a satelitte campus at the Steamtown Mall in Scranton. The college will be located on the second floor of the former Bon-Ton store.  

For the ninth straight year, the New York Assembly has passed the Gender Expression Non-discrimination Act

05.10.16 | Bob Price

Gay-rights groups argue the measure is necessary to protect the LGBT community. But critics say GENDA undermines privacy rights in the bathroom.   It would allow the transgendered to use the bathrooms of the opposite sex. A similar...

Legislation in the works in Pennsylvania is intended to keep the best teachers in the classroom, but faces a veto from Governor Wolf

05.10.16 | Bob Price

The Senate bill amends current law which states teachers with the least seniority are the first ones laid off regardless of their impact on students. This bill uses teacher performance to guide furlough decisions. It also prohibits a school...

A Mother's Day tragedy in Broome County, New York

05.09.16 | Bob Price

A four year-old girl is dead following a two-car crash in the town of Union, not far from Johnson City on Sunday afternoon.          Ben Harting with the Broome County sheriff's office says two others...

School funding is expected to be a hot topic again as another budget standoff gets underway again in Pennsylvania

05.09.16 | Bob Price

The deadline on a new spending plan is June 30th. Northern Tier Representative Kathy Rapp says the House Republicans do not want to put "oppressive taxes on the people of Pennsylvania."Rapp claims Governor Wolf is using schools and school kids...

Exploding electronic cigarettes have injured four New York state residents in just the past couple weeks and now, Senator Chuck Schumer wants the government to do something about it.

05.09.16 | Bob Price

Schumer says, "a good FDA investigation will get to the bottom of it, and make sure this stops."Two-and-a-half million Americans use e-cigs.   The senator calls them "ticking time bombs."

Tomorrow is the 5th annual 'I Love My Park' Day in New York

05.06.16 | Bob Price

The event is aimed at getting New Yorkers to visit parks and pitch in to spruce them up by doing things like planting trees, picking up trash, and restoring trails. More than 100 parks and historic sites are taking part in "I Love My Park" Day...

A Williamsport company shuts its doors after a bank dispute

05.06.16 | Bob Price

NuWeld incorporated, based in Williamsport, says the impact of the plant closure is far-reaching.The company has been around for more than 20 years but can't pay it's employees.  The steel fabrication plant says its' negotiating with the...

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