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Tragedy at Letchworth State Park in western New York on two-fronts

06.13.16 | Bob Price

A beloved math teacher and volunteer at a hot-air balloon rally was tragically killed over the weekend in a freak accident. 34 Year-old Ryan Almeter was holding down the basket so people could come aboard when a wind gust blew the balloon 100...

A new law in Pennsylvania is helping police combat the proliferation of designer drugs which are taking lives in record numbers

06.13.16 | Bob Price

Tioga County Representative Matt Baker authored the bill in the general assembly.  He said, "129 people a day in America die of drug overdose deaths."Baker's bill, which was signed last week by Governor Wolf, enables police to make quicker...

Clifton Springs, NY newspaper reporter Brian Heffron is about to find out what it means to be a missionary journalist

06.13.16 | Bob Price

He's trading his job in the states to become a mouthpiece for missionaries in Cape Town, South Africa.Heffron said missionaries are often so busy with their work that they have little time to regularly report back to supporting churches about...

New York lawmakers are nearing the end of their 2016 legislative session and it's looking likely that ethics reform will not be acted on this term

06.13.16 | Bob Price

A wave of public corruption has made Albany one of the nation's most crooked state capitals. The past 15 years, more than 30 lawmakers have left office in disgrace. Lawmakers plan to adjourn for summer Thursday or Friday to begin work on their...

New York residents have until June 17th to petition the state for lower premiums on their health care plans

06.09.16 | Bob Price

On average, insurance companies next year are planning to hike premiums by a whopping 18%.Health care reform lobbyist Heidi Siegfried tells Family Life when you lobby the state for lower premiums often times, the state listens.Again, you have...

90 Year-old World War II Vet Ronald Gilroy received his high school diploma last night in Carbondale, Pennsylvania

06.09.16 | Bob Price

After the war, Gilroy moved back to Carbondale where he and his wife raised a family of seven. Many of those children and grand-children were on hand for last night's ceremony.Ronald Gilroy quit school at the age of 17 to join the army in...

A massive Fed-Ex ground terminal being planned in Northampton County, Pennslyvania will mean hundreds of jobs for the Lehigh Valley

06.09.16 | Bob Price

Once built, it will be Fed-Ex's largest warehouse and logistics hub among the 34 it operates nationwide. The mega-hub is expected to open in the fall of 2018.

Pennsylvania pro-life activists continue to push for abortion restrictions that recognize the humanity of the unborn

06.09.16 | Bob Price

State Senator Kathy Rapp spoke at a "Stand up for Life" rally yesterday in Harrisburg.  She said, "Seventeen states have already banned dismemberment abortion."The Pennsylvania Pro-life Federation is pushing for passage of a bill that makes...

Three Ohio residents have been charged with assaulting a central New York prison guard who was burned by an exploding package last month

06.09.16 | Bob Price

The Oneida County sheriff says the May 29th attack in the Rome suburb of Floyd was intended to stop a 53-year-old prison guard from reporting an elder care scam against his mother in Ohio.         ...

New York home-school activists are lobbying state lawmakers for reforms that make it easier for kids educated at home to go to college

06.07.16 | Bob Price

Michael Bailey with Loving Education at Home says there's legislation in the works in the Senate and Assembly that would reduce the bureaucratic red-tape facing today's home-schooling families.The home-school activists say New York is doing its...

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