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Activists say it is possible to reduce crime and the prison population at the same time, but 27 states including New York have done it

06.20.16 | Bob Price

James Cullen at the Brennan Center for Justice says since 2006, New York's prison population declined by 18% while it's crime rate fell by 17%. He said the pattern shows "a pathway for solving mass incarceration."

Seneca Depot acreage sold; plan includes park for white deer

06.17.16 | Bob Price

A rare herd of white deer will be protected as part of development plans for the former Seneca Army Depot in central New York. Local businessman Earl Martin was picked from among 16 bids to buy the land. The Seneca County Industrial Development...

Two killed in Centre County plane crash

06.17.16 | Bob Price

Thursday morning around 8:20, there was a fatal plane crash near the University Park Airport. The crash happened just off of Barnes Road in a wooded area. Two people were onboard the plane, the pilot and a passenger.  Both were pronounced...

Final deals elusive as NY lawmakers aim for adjournment

06.17.16 | Bob Price

New York lawmakers lumbered toward adjournment Thursday, seeking to strike final deals on proposals to extend Mayor Bill de Blasio's control of New York City schools and rein in government corruption that would allow them to end the 2016...

New York regulators have approved a sizable rate hike for a couple of major utilities upstate

06.16.16 | Bob Price

RG&E and NYSEG customers will see their first increases in electricity and natural gas delivery charges since 2012, beginning this summer. On average, Rochester gas and electric customers will pay about a $150 more a year by 2018. NYSEG...

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has ordered Confederate flags on display in the capitol rotunda be brought down

06.16.16 | Bob Price

The State Historical Society says it was part of an exhibit representing different periods in American history from the days of the vikings 'til now They accuse the governor of waving the white flag of political correctness by removing the...

New York lawmakers are burning the midnight oil in hopes of adjourning for the year either tonight or tomorrow

06.16.16 | Bob Price

Much unfinished work remains, including legislation designed to crack-down on public corruption. Lawmakers have already reached consensus on bills to combat heroin addiction, expand breast cancer screening and allow restaurants to sell alcohol...

Tragedy at Letchworth State Park in western New York on two-fronts

06.13.16 | Bob Price

A beloved math teacher and volunteer at a hot-air balloon rally was tragically killed over the weekend in a freak accident. 34 Year-old Ryan Almeter was holding down the basket so people could come aboard when a wind gust blew the balloon 100...

A new law in Pennsylvania is helping police combat the proliferation of designer drugs which are taking lives in record numbers

06.13.16 | Bob Price

Tioga County Representative Matt Baker authored the bill in the general assembly.  He said, "129 people a day in America die of drug overdose deaths."Baker's bill, which was signed last week by Governor Wolf, enables police to make quicker...

Clifton Springs, NY newspaper reporter Brian Heffron is about to find out what it means to be a missionary journalist

06.13.16 | Bob Price

He's trading his job in the states to become a mouthpiece for missionaries in Cape Town, South Africa.Heffron said missionaries are often so busy with their work that they have little time to regularly report back to supporting churches about...

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