List by Author: Bob Price

Broome County New York has it's first case of Zika Virus but according to local health officials, the public at large has no reason to worry

07.14.16 | Bob Price

The infected person recently traveled to the Caribbean and has made a full recovery. Still, pregnant women are being encouraged to avoid travel to Zika hot-spots south of the border. The Centers for Disease Control says the upcoming Summer...

Turnpike toll cheats are costing Pennsylvania taxpayers about $43 million a year

07.14.16 | Bob Price

Residents we spoke to say that's just not fair.Representative Mike Carroll says habitual toll cheats need to be punished by having their driver's license revoked.According to the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, most of the toll cheats are...

A number of communities remain in a drought and now water restriction advisories are being expanded in western New York

07.14.16 | Bob Price

Rita Heldon of Lyndonville says downpours won't cut it.  What the region needs is a steady, soaking rain.The Chautaqua County village of Mayville, the village of Lyndonville in Orleans County and the town of Yates in Orleans County have...

A Pennsylania politician has introduced "blue lives matter" legislation

07.13.16 | Bob Price

Representative Frank Burns says his bill would elevate assaults on police to hate-crime status. It puts employment as a law enforcement officer on par with race, color, religion and national origin as covered classes under the commonwealth's...

With temperatures hovering in the 90s today, the elephant herd at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse can beat the heat with a dip in a new pool

07.13.16 | Bob Price

Zoo officials are unveiling the new Pachyderm Pool at its Asian Elephant Exhibit. The pool was built for the zoo's herd  of seven elephants and includes an observation deck for visitors.

Pennsylvania lawmakers are nearing a deal to fully fund the budget which took effect at midnight

07.12.16 | Bob Price

The Senate and House are both in session today to try and shore up the deficit-riddled package. Standard & Poor's is warning of a downgrade to the state's credit, and $600 million in aid to public universities across Pennsylvania remains in...

New York state is warning health insurers not to discriminate against women dealing with maternal depression

07.12.16 | Bob Price

The state has issued new guidelines to insurance companies for them to not deny coverage, cancel plans, or change rates for women diagnosed with depression. Gov. Andrew Cuomo says the state has adopted a "zero tolerance" policy for insurers that...

New York's teachers unions have launched a concerted effort to get educators elected to local school boards

07.12.16 | Bob Price, Traci Lynn Woolsey

It's not a new thing for teachers to be involved at school board meetings, but there's a dawning effort to serve on school boards. Teachers are stepping up where other community members may fear to tread. Educators can't assist a board in the...

The Pennsylvania Senate is set to vote today on pro-life legislation

07.12.16 | Bob Price

The measure would ban abortions after 20 weeks and criminalize the dismemberment of babies in the womb. The bill, sponsored by Northern Tier Republican Kathy Rapp was "born out" of the abundance of scientific evidence that children in the womb...

You may need to re-up your direct deposit in New York

07.11.16 | Bob Price

A pending state regulation could force workers to renew their direct deposit agreements if they want their paycheck sent straight to their bank account. The state labor department is on the verge of adopting new rules requiring employers to be...

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