List by Author: Bob Price

An elderly man was killed in a motorcycle accident yesterday on Interstate-81 in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania

05.24.16 | Bob Price

The biker in his mid-70s collided with a stopped tractor trailer. It happened around 5 p.m. in the south-bound lanes near the Tremont Exit. Traffic was backed up for about three miles.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced the "master teacher" scholarship program for future top educators

05.24.16 | Bob Price

Applications will be accepted through early July.  Awards will be announced in August. Up to 500 "teachers in training" will have their college tuition paid in full. Winners must be a New York state resident, maintain a grade point average...

National Grid is freezing electric and natural gas rates for two years for nearly two million customers in upstate New York

05.24.16 | Bob Price

The Public Service Commission gave the go-ahead for the rate freeze yesterday while allowing the company to borrow more than $2 billion to improve its infrastructure.

The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services is teaming up with several other state agencies to develop a 5-year housing strategy for the poor, elderly and those with learning disabilities

05.24.16 | Bob Price

Department of Human Services Secretary Ted Dallas insists there are "way too many people who are living in nursing homes, state hospitals or state centers for folks with intellectual disabilities and today is about starting a process to change...

A Binghamton, NY couple is celebrating 75 years of marriage this week

05.23.16 | Bob Price

95 Year-old Rudy and Isabelle Burger met when they were both just 20 years old and knew then they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.             The Burger's daughter, Carol...

Pennsylvania's largest refugee resettlement program is slated to close next month

05.23.16 | Bob Price

Lutheran Children and Family Services helps to settle about 100 refugees a year in the Lehigh Valley, but it plans to shutdown at the end of next month due to a lack of funding. The not-for-profit will end most of its social services by June...

Pennsylvania politicians have just over a month to finish work on a more than $30 billion state budget

05.23.16 | Bob Price

Republican Representative Kathy Rapp says education spending will be the key sticking point to these negotiations.The last state budget was the latest in commonwealth history. Lawmakers will be hoping to avoid a repeat performance when budget...

The New York State Education Department holds the first of several public work-shop this week to address a teacher shortage problem

05.23.16 | Bob Price

SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher the retirement of Baby Boomers is part of the challenge.New York will need to hire 1,700 new teachers every year for the next 10 years for public schools to meet education demands. Fred Kowal is a spokesman for the...

The New York Public Authorities Control Board meets this week in Albany to consider whether to fund a solar power project in Buffalo that's under federal scrutiny

05.23.16 | Bob Price

Governor Cuomo's former campaign manager is accused of profiting illegally from the project, which could mean as many as 3,000 new jobs for New York's second largest city.    A massive photonics expansion project in Rochester is facing...

A Pennsylvania politician has proposed a fix to late budgets in the commonwealth

05.20.16 | Bob Price

Senator Rob Teplitz  is trumpeting a series of bills he calls the "budget impasse prevention package." The reforms require open budget negotiation "status meetings" on the first of each month leading up to the June 30th deadline. This way...

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