List by Author: Bob Price

New York is spending $2.5 million to help farmers reduce their carbon footprint

09.30.16 | Bob Price

The state agriculture department says the funds can also be used by farmers to recover from the summer drought. 26 counties have been declared drought disaster zones.

The Pennsylvania House will not be voting any time soon on legislation to protect landowners royalty rights

09.29.16 | Bob Price

The GOP leadership has tabled, for now the measure that makes the energy companies pay a minimum royalty for the gas extracted from private property. Hundreds of landowners in Bradford County rallied in Harrisburg this week, arguing they're...

New York Governor Cuomo is opening up about the corruption probe thats led to the indictments of ten individuals with ties to him

09.29.16 | Bob Price

The governor says he does not expect to be called to testify at trial.  Cuomo claims his office has been cooperating with the U.S. attorney general.  Cuomo says the corruption does not surprise him.  From his own experience as...

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf says action is needed to combat the scourge of opiod abuse in the commonwealth

09.29.16 | Bob Price

In an address to a joint session of the General Assembly, he called drug addiction a "national epidemic" that's destroying families.  He referred to CDC statistics that U.S. "prescription opiod overdose deaths have have quadrupled since...

A major drug ring has been torn apart in New York's Southern Tier

09.29.16 | Bob Price

A major drug ring has been torn apart in New York's Southern tier Eight suspects have been taken into custody for reportedly operating a heroin ring. U.S. Attorney Bill Hochul says the drug enterprise was responsible for three overdose...

Penn State is offering a one-time one-credit course on Donald Trump

09.28.16 | Bob Price

The class is completely devoted to the Republican presidential nominee.    Professors Mike Berkman and Chris Beem are co-teaching the class which is simply entitled "Trump." Students have been meeting every Tuesday night for two hours...

JCOPE was created five years ago to root-out corruption in New York

09.28.16 | Bob Price

Critics say JCOPE has more "bark" than "bite" and is too beholden to the governor. Cuomo says he's giving back $350,000 dollars in campaign contributions made to him by those implicated in the wide-ranging bid-rigging scandal.

Pennsylvania House Speaker Mike Turzai makes a pitch for school choice today

09.28.16 | Bob Price

He's calling for legislation to increase tax credits and scholarships for families who want to pursue private education. Public schools say the move will drain valuable resources. Turzai says the "one size fits all" approach to education simply...

A Southern Tier congressman wants the death penalty for dangerous drug dealers

09.28.16 | Bob Price

Republican Tom Reed is proposing a bill that would give prosecutors more options whenever users die from a drug overdose. He proposes going after dealers that lace drugs with highly-addictive fentanyl.     Reed says those who...

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren says there will be a 90-day period of "community engagement" to improve relationships between the Flower City and the police department

09.27.16 | Bob Price

That announcement comes as a new body-cam video of an incident on Hollenbeck Street in Rochester went public today. It shows officers tackling a woman to the ground during an arrest.The video has been criticized for what many are saying is the...

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