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A trio of Trump cabinet officials are in Pennsylvania today

09.28.17 | Bob Price

Interior secretary Ryan Zinke will be in King of Prussia. Labor Secretary Alex Acosta is in Moosic. And Energy Secretary Rick Perry tours a coal mine in Luzerne County.

NY's former Senate majority leader is getting a new trial after his corruption conviction was overturned

09.27.17 | Bob Price

Dean Skelos was sentenced to five years behind bars for using his political influence to get his son a cushy job. But a federal appeals court Tuesday said the jury was given improper instructions on the charges, so the case must be re-tried.

A funeral happens tomorrow for former PA congressman Joseph McDade

09.27.17 | Bob Price

The Republican representative served 18 terms in the House, serving the people of northeastern Pennsylvania. McDade died last weekend at his home in Fairfax, Virginia. He was 85. McDade was the longest-serving Republican in the House when he...

A new poll in PA shows a state senator leading in the GOP race for governor

09.27.17 | Bob Price

Senator Scott Wagner has a commanding lead over two other competitors The survey by McLaughlin and Associates gives Wagner a 29-point advantage in the 3-way contest. Voters in May of next year will pick a candidate to challenge incumbent...

Police in Trumansburg, NYsay a man escaped from their custody last night

09.27.17 | Bob Price

That man is himself, an ex-cop. Multiple law enforcement agencies are looking for him. According to the Trumansburg police chief, Andrew Jacobsen pushed an officer and got away during a smoke break. He was in custody for grand larceny and lost...

NY's governor thinks the president should spend more time focused on hurricane recovery

09.26.17 | Bob Price

Andrew Cuomo says he's disgusted that the nation is obsessed with the controversy between Mr. Trump and NFL players in regards to not standing for the National Anthem. Puerto Ricans are facing life-and-death situations following Hurricane...

The high school football season is over with in Geneseo, NY

09.26.17 | Bob Price

The Blue Devils will forfeit the remainder of their games after seven players were found to be using the drug, oxycontin. Some school members say the players not involved in the incident should not be punished with an early end to the...

The PA Senate rejects a House plan to shore-up a multi-billion dollar budget deficit

09.21.17 | Bob Price

The move sets up a showdown over final resolution of the fiscal impasse. Governor Wolf is threatening to impose a spending freeze on Harrisburg in the midst of the chronically unbalanced state budget. The governor, who spoke to reporters in Jim...

Prison reform activists staged a rally outside the Broome County, NY jail yesterday

09.21.17 | Bob Price

The demonstrators want the sheriff to address abuse, medical neglect, and inmate deaths. Four Inmates have died at the Broome County Jail the past 2 years. Sheriff David Harder says the county does everything it can to care for it's...

The NY state Board of Regents has approved changes to make it easier for teachers to be certified

09.20.17 | Bob Price

Former Regents chancellor Carl Hayden says while reforms are needed, New York should not be "watering- down" teaching standards. Hayden says the teacher shortage in New York is being felt the most in charter schools.

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