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You may need to re-up your direct deposit in New York

07.11.16 | Bob Price

A pending state regulation could force workers to renew their direct deposit agreements if they want their paycheck sent straight to their bank account. The state labor department is on the verge of adopting new rules requiring employers to be...

Lawyers for three former Penn State administrators accused of failing to report Jerry Sandusky's abuse of children have filed motions asking all charges be dropped

07.11.16 | Bob Price

Already, the Pennsylvania court system has thrown out most the egregious offenses faced by former president Graham Spanier, vice president Gary Schultz, and athletic director Tim Curley. Five years ago, all three were accused of conspiring to...

Pennsylvania has a budget or at least will at midnight tonight

07.11.16 | Bob Price

The governor has vowed to allow the $31-and-a-half billion spending plan to become law at the stroke of midnight, even though there's no plan in place on how to pay for it.            ...

New York state spends more on public education than any other state in the country

07.11.16 | Bob Price

A large chunk of that spending goes to pay for teacher benefit and retirement packages. The Empire State spends more than $15-and-a-half billion a year on employee benefits.  That"s more than twice the national average.

Pennsylania's top fiscal watchdog says the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs needs to do a better job of meeting the needs of the nation's war heros

07.08.16 | Bob Price

Auditor General Eugene DePasquale says waiting lists for vets to receive care are too long and too cumbersome at the state's six veteran facilities.  DePasquale says there is no protocol in place for tracking complaints at V.A. facilities in...

Hillary Clinton and Vice President Joe Biden will campaign together in Scranton today

07.08.16 | Bob Price

The two Democrats both have family roots in the electric city and will speak at a noon-time rally at the Riverfront Sports Complex. Voters have mixed reaction to the high profile visit.Pundits say the race between Hillary Clinton and Donald...

A moderate drought is now in place for nearly all of western New York and the Finger Lakes region

07.08.16 | Bob Price

The dry spell will be parched some by rain this weekend but climatologists say it won't be the kind of soaking rain needed to alleviate the drought, which is the worst in New York since the year 2000.

Thousands of new jobs are coming to Rochester

07.07.16 | Bob Price, Traci Lynn Woolsey

A Virginia-based health care company is opening a new call center in Gates, New York and looking to hire 2,000 people. The Maximus complex will need call center phone operators, analysts, accountants, and...

New york Governor Andrew Cuomo is defending his controversial "Start-up NY" jobs program

07.07.16 | Bob Price

The governor insists it has cost taxpayers "nothing" even though New York has already spent $53 million promoting it thru TV and radio commercials."Start-up New York" was started three years ago and to date has netted just 400 jobs.  It uses...

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has yet to sign the state's $31 billion budget

07.07.16 | Bob Price

It was due a week ago. On Monday, July 11, the governor can do one of four things: sign the measure, veto it, veto parts of it, or do nothing and let the budget automatically become law.        ...

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