List by Author´┐Ż: Bob Price

53 PA National Guard say farewell to family as they prepare for next mission

09.06.19 | Bob Price

The guard held a special departure ceremony at Fort Indiantown Gap Thursday before training in Texas for an overseas deployment. Governor Wolf says we owe a lot of gratitude to those close to these troops. The soldiers are assisting with...

More than 500 abuse survivors are filing suit under NY's Child Victims Act

08.29.19 | Bob Price

Two of the biggest targets: the Buffalo Catholic Diocese and the Boy Scouts of America. Attorney Jason Amala says the groups have "secret archive" and  "ineligible volunteer " files that contain abuse allegations. Amala accuses the...

The Wilkes-Barre School District wants to install "bullet proof glass" in its new building

08.28.19 | Bob Price

Wilkes-Barre School Board Vice President Shawn Walker says the goal is to make kids "safe." Opponents are concerned the special glass would not really help if a perpetrator got inside the building. The bullet proof glass would cost nearly a...

An Erie lawmaker is looking to expand PA's organ donation law

08.27.19 | Bob Price

Democratic Representative Ryan Bizzaro's proposal would allow anyone registering for or renewing their hunting, fishing, or boating license to also register as an organ donor. There are currently 8,000 people on Pennsylvania's transplant...

Prosecutors in Pittsburgh are seeking the death penalty for Robert Bowers

08.27.19 | Bob Price

He's the man charged in the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting last October. His actions could merit execution under the federal system. 11 People died in that mass shooting.

New report shows farmers generated billions of dollars for NY's economy

08.26.19 | Bob Price

New York Comptroller Tom DiNapoli says farming generates $5.7 billion of economic activity for the state each year. Milk continues to dominate as the state's largest single commodity with $2.5 billion in sales. New York is the nation's third...

Eliminating school property taxes in the Keystone State?

08.21.19 | Bob Price

Republican Representative Frank Ryan introduced House Bill 13 on Tuesday. Critics say Ryan's legislation "robs Peter to pay Paul." To make up for the lost revenue, taxes would increase on the money you make and the things you buy. The bill...

There's a special election today in central Pennsylvania

08.20.19 | Bob Price

Voters in Snyder and Union counties are headed to the polls to select a new state representative in Pennsylvania's 85th District. Republican David Rowe, a small business owner, is facing off against Democrat Jenn Rager-Kay, a physician. The...

NY proposing new law to define mass shootings as domestic terrorism

08.16.19 | Bob Price

Mass violence motivated based on religion, race, color, gender, or gender identity would be punishable by up to life in prison without parole under Governor Cuomo's first-in-the-nation proposal. Steve MacMartin, is a criminologist at Medaille...

Families of 26K unvaccinated children in NY await judge's decision on school

08.15.19 | Bob Price, Sarah Harnisch

Attorney's representing these families were in court yesterday to try and get the state's revamped vaccine law blocked. In June, Governor Cuomo signed legislation requiring all school-age children to receive vaccinations unless a medical...

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