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Half a million "marching for life" today

01.24.20 | Bob Price, Brandon Dickson

They're flocking to the National Mall in our nation's capital today for the 47th annual event. The march's president, Jeanne Mancini, insists having a president attend "in person" is a first. Michael Geer with the Pennsylvania Family Institute...

Congressman Tom Reed is standing up for free speech on the college campus

01.22.20 | Bob Price

The congressman from New York showed up at Binghampton University yesterday to show solidarity with conservative students who say their rights are being trampled on. Some students say they don't feel safe on campus anymore after getting into an...

Planned Parenthood is combining forces in New York

01.07.20 | Bob Price

The nation's largest abortion provider is merging several affiliates in the Empire State. Planned Parenthood of the Southern Finger Lakes is joining forces with four other facilities to form Planned Parenthood of Greater New York. Twenty-eight...

New York has new guidelines for the hemp industry

12.10.19 | Bob Price

Governor Cuomo signed legislation this week that sets a regulatory framework for hemp production and distribution in the Empire State. The measure requires the hemp industry to test and label their products to protect consumers from potential...

Pro-lifers in Pennsylvania are "up in arms" over "tele-med" abortions

12.06.19 | Bob Price

Telemedicine abortions are happening at a Planned Parenthood facility in York. Michael Geer with the Pennsylvania Family Institute says, "doctors are consulting with women via video to give them a RU486 chemical abortion. His group may file...

NY state faces a more than $6 billion dollar deficit next year

11.27.19 | Bob Price

Critics contend the looming economic crisis is one of Governor Cuomo's own making. More than half of the gap is linked to a dramatic rise in New York's Medicaid costs. In an effort to patch the hole, the governor is considering slashing...

Expect to pay more for a "real" Christmas tree this year

11.26.19 | Bob Price

A national shortage of trees has led to higher prices. Richand Donnel with the National Christmas Tree Association knows of a grower in California who had to bring in trees from Wisconsin. The average cost for a real tree this year is $81. 82%...

20+ People have been left homeless by a massive fire in Hornell, NY

11.18.19 | Bob Price

At least four homes are completely gone. Two More suffered significant damage. One man was seriously injured in the fire that broke out yesterday afternoon. The Red Cross is assisting all those displaced by the blaze which spanned half of a...

Several pro-life bills are up for debate in PA's General Assembly

11.18.19 | Bob Price

Both the state House and Senate are weighing measures that recognize the humanity of the unborn. One bill would ban abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected. Another would allow for the humane disposal of fetal remains in the event of a...

Pennsylvania's minimum wage is up for debate this week in Harrisburg

11.18.19 | Bob Price

At $7.25 an hour, the minimum wage in Pennsylvania is the lowest allowed by federal law. Governor Wolf wants to increase the wage to $15 an hour over the next five years. Republicans argue if that happens, tens of thousands will lose their jobs.

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