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Binghamton U grieves again after a student murder

04.17.18 | Bob Price

For the second month, a BU student has been murdered. 20-year-old Binghamton University student, Michael Roque, has been charged with second-degree murder in the stabbing death of a fellow student. This, just weeks after a 22-year-old nursing...

Molinaro picks up the endorsement of the NY conservative party

04.17.18 | Bob Price

The endorsement has John DeFrancisco rethinking his campaign. The Syracuse Republican says he'll support Molinaro 100 percent though, if the Dutchess County executive winds up being the GOP nominee. DeFrancisco remarking, "No matter who's...

Marc Molinaro gives reasons for seeking GOP nomination for NY governor

04.13.18 | Bob Price

Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro says New York "ranks the highest in combined taxation of any state in America" and has a "government that is too corrupt." Molinaro will square off against state senator John DeFrancisco at the state GOP...

House GOP backs plan to give majority more districting power

04.12.18 | Bob Price

Republicans on a Pennsylvania House committee are backing a plan to give more power over redistricting to the majority party in the Legislature, voting for a bill that would change how General Assembly and congressional districts are drawn. The...

State lawmakers take on workplace sexual misconduct and harassment

04.12.18 | Bob Price

Last week, Democrats unveiled a package of bills to tackle the issue of workplace sexual harassment and misconduct, now it's the Republicans turn. State Rep. Donna Oberlander says this is an issue that is long over due and should be taken care...

Whitesboro crash leaves police officer dead

04.12.18 | Bob Price

A crash in the village of Whitesboro has left a police officer dead. State police say a village of Whitesboro patrol vehicle was hit by a pickup truck around 8 p.m. Wednesday night at the intersection of Oriskany Boulevard and Westmoreland...

Police Kill Armed Suspect in Pembroke

04.12.18 | Bob Price

The suspect of a Wednesday night "shots fired" report in the town of Pembroke is now dead. Batavia Police and the Genesee County Sheriff's Office responded to the report at Log Cabin Restaurant on Gilmore Road around 11 p.m. on Wednesday. Upon...

A tragic house fire in Syracuse, NY has taken another life

04.09.18 | Bob Price

A fourth person, 18-year-old Korrina Dubois passed away at a Syracuse hospital on Sunday. The blaze also claimed the lives of 16-year-old Michael Dubois, 45-year-old Susan Wagner,  and Hunter Dubois, a one year-old child. Police say the...

The gloves are coming off in the PA governor's race

04.09.18 | Bob Price

Republican candidate Paul Mango is out with a new attack ad targeting his GOP rival, Scott Wagner. The 30-second spot accuses Wagner, a state Senator from York, of being "sleazy, toxic and greedy." The commercial also calls Wagner a "deadbeat...

Democrats make a move to take back control of the NY Senate

04.05.18 | Bob Price

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