List by Author: Bill Price

U.S. pole vaulter and Fredonia, New York native Jenn Suhr is battling some type of respiratory infection

08.15.16 | Bill Price

Suhr's husband and coach Rick Suhr says his wife is on antibiotics. When asked if she'll compete, Suhr said, "Does not matter.  We matter what.  Four years of work.  We have to."   Jenn Suhr won a silver medal in...

Drug overdose deaths have jumped nearly 25% the past year in Pennsylvania

07.13.16 | Bill Price

In more than half of those cases, the drug of choice was heroin. Fentanyl-related deaths in Pennsylvania have spiked 93% since 2014.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is taking steps to help the youth get jobs

07.13.16 | Bill Price

Cuomo says the state is starting a "pre-apprentice" program that will train young people to take-on state construction jobs.  In the meantime, Cuomo says the state is doubling its funding to $50 million toward an urban youth job credit...

Big changes are coming to how Pennsylvanians purchase liquor and wine

06.08.16 | Bill Price, Traci Lynn Woolsey

The state House voted Tuesday to allow grocery stores and other venues to sell wine. House Majority Leader Dave Reed says it's good for the economy.  He said, "I believe the fiscal note will come in at about $150 million" with room for...

Donald Trump has won a vast majority of the unbound delegates in Pennsylvania

04.28.16 | Bill Price

A western New York man is convicted of shooting his fiance's two children with a BB gun

04.28.16 | Bill Price

29 year-old Steven Scroger will spend the next two years behind bars.  He spoke to the judge and asked for forgiveness just before he was sentenced.The kids were four and six years old at the time.