List by Author: Bill Price

Folks in upstate NY are irritated that a vote to allow Uber has been postponed again

12.29.16 | Bill Price

One disabled mother says the ride-sharing service would save her hundreds of dollars on cab fares.Lawmakers say they won't allow Uber upstate until legislation is passed that requires drivers to get fingerprinted.

There's an effort underway in Buffalo to remove Carl Paladino from the school board

12.27.16 | Bill Price

Paladino recently made controversial comments about President Obama and his wife Michelle. A protest will take place Thursday in Niagara square calling on state Education Commissioner Maryellen Elia to remove Paladino from the Buffalo School...

The price to fill up is going up in Pennsylvania

12.27.16 | Bill Price

Starting Sunday, the nation's highest gas tax will increase by another 8 cents per gallon. Gas stations will almost certainly pass along the increase to motorists. Drivers will pay about 78 cents per gallon in tax  That's up from just...

PA Gov. Wolf will eliminate thousands of unfilled positions in state government

12.16.16 | Bill Price

As the state faces a large budget deficit, the Wolf Administration is telling cabinet agencies to limit the size of the state workforce to the number of positions now filled. The decision will affect thousands of positions, and it's not known...

The arctic blast descends on NY and PA tonight

12.14.16 | Bill Price

Temperatures will plummet to their lowest levels of the season. The bitter cold will kick-up lake effect snows in ski country. Lake effect warnings are up through Friday when another foot of snow could fall in areas near Lake Erie and Lake Ontario

A huge economic announcement at the General Motors plant in Tonawanda, NY

12.14.16 | Bill Price

Governor Andrew Cuomo says G.M. will be investing $334 million into three plants in western New York.The Tonawanda location will be cashing-in on $296 million. The Lockport facility will get $32. And the G.M. plant in Rochester will receive $6...

The Pennsylvania AG says a review of offensive emails found no evidence that the administration of justice had been undermined

11.22.16 | Bill Price

Bruce Beemer says a new report flags 38 people as "high-volume" senders of inappropriate emails. He says 13 of those were judges or senior government officials. No names were announced at today's press conference in Harrisburg. The scandal...

The Christian fellowship at Elmira College got in on the packing-action for Operation Christmas Child

11.15.16 | Bill Price, Traci Lynn Woolsey

Students and graduates helped fill nearly 800 boxes of love.      Holly Snyder is the collection center coordinator for the south-central New York area.  She says the recent packing party included a few new...

A PA state trooper shot and killed a driver on I-83 in York County this afternoon

11.15.16 | Bill Price

It happened after the man fled a traffic stop and then tried to drag the trooper into a concrete median barrier. Authorities say the trooper stopped the driver for a traffic violation.  When the man fled the trooper got stuck to the left...

Pennsylvania's state government got more sobering fiscal news today

11.15.16 | Bill Price

The legislature's independent budget analyst projected that more big deficits are looming--as in a budget shortfall.         The Republican-controlled legislature has fought Democratic Governor Tom Wolf's...