When you were mad at God

08.20.13 | Sonny Delfyette | Comments[6]



It's Testimony Tuesday on Family Life and today we'd like to hear when you were mad at God? Did a loved one die? A broken relationship? Was it a financial situation? Please call 1-888-413-4156

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on 08.20.13 Anonymous commented

Sonny, I had pledged a substantial amout of $ to a local ministry. My trading account had quadrupled in six months so I was confident in my pledge. Without warning I lost it all($158,000) and I rifled at GOD. Now I am preparing for a full time ministry position in another country. The lord showed me that if I kept on making money, I would not have been receptive to his will. When I sell my house to leave this country I will finally be able to redeem myself from the forgotten pledge. GOD IS GOOD!

on 08.20.13 Marcia commented

We, as dairy farmers, had always struggled financially, but there wer some really hard years there, because the price of milk was SO low. We got more and more behind on or bills. One day, while I was out driving the tractor for most of the day, I just let it all out before the Lord. I told the Lord, "Your word says you would provide all of our need and you are NOT! We owe so many people." I was pretty mad at the Lord. It's not that good to be mad at the Lord, because He is perfect, all loving and kind. It was the way I saw it, though, that made me mad. At the end of my telling God what I thought about the situation and having myself a good cry, I told Him that I was sorry that I was mad and that no matter what, I would still love and worship Him. One day, I had an idea. I started calling people we owed and asked them if they would work with us, if we could give them a certain amount each month. Every one of them said "yes"! That day the Lord showed me that even though we didn't have money, He was giving us favor with our creditors. At the time it was, short of money, exactly what we needed. I learned a great lesson that day. There's more than one way to provide the need of His children! Praise the Lord!

on 08.20.13 Amy commented

Back in June of 2011 our family took a cruise and in July of 2011 we discovered we were carrying a little stow away. My husband & I at the time had 2 kids a 19yr old & 12yr old. We always said if we were to have another child that it would be totally of God.Just before Christmas of that year we discovered that their was something wrong with our baby. We prayed and shared our story on facebook and had more prayers lifted up then we would ever know. I read the book of Psalms to our developing baby. My local dr. sent me to Albany Med. and said I should get this taking care of & move on with my life. Abortion was never an option, our baby was breeched & they wanted me to have "it" vaginally, because "it" would die anyways. We choose to have a C-Section to give our baby the best possible chance. Our baby lived about 19 hours. Elizabeth Hope passed away peacefully from her earthly father's arms & entered into her heavenly Father's arms. On her way we sang to her 'Rejoice in the Lord Always'. My husband broke down right away. I was looking for a sign: a light, cool breeze something, but there was nothing. I doubted that God existed. Then God in His mercy & grace revealed to me how much the enemy reviles the Name of Jesus Christ. Why would the name of Jesus produce so much anger & hatred if He did not exist? He also revealed to me that he had answered are prayer for healing. Just not what we had in mind. She is healed in the Father's arms. Elizabeth Hope - Means God's Promised Anticipation & we will get to hold our baby again.

on 08.20.13 Marina commented

I understand being mad at God , I had this perception that being a good person, living a Christian life meant good would come my way but, after having a failed abusive relationship where my ex attempted to kill me and having to run away, lose my home, I was shattered why did God allow bad things to happen to good people ?,I still do not know the answer but have found God is the restorer of new paths to dwell in, he restored me on the inside and after a period of backsliding brought me back to himself ,so all I can say is He is a faithful God and am glad he was never mad at me

on 08.20.13 Diane commented

I lost my first best friend at the age of NINE, I couldn't figure out WHY she had to die. She was always so perky coming into church on Sunday Mornings and the FIRST thing she would say is: "Did anyone watch the Ghoul last night?" (Ghoulardi was her FAVORITE program). Now 40 plus years later, I still miss her, have other best friends but know I will see her in Heaven some day.

on 08.28.13 nikki commented

a friend of mine lost both twins girls with in 3 months.He has been so mad at God since.I can't say I know how he feels.But my heart breaks for him.I don't know what to say to him at times.I don't want to add to the hurt.But he can't start healing as long as he stays so mad at God for it.What do I say?