What do you tip?

04.05.13 | Sonny Delfyette | Comments[2]


>>Fewer Americans Following Conventional Tipping Standards

Traditional tipping is becoming less commonplace.  A new CouponCabin.com poll shows that just 51-percent usually give a tip of 16-percent or more when they dine at a restaurant, while 32-percent will give their server an eleven-to-15-percent tip.  But 14-percent leave no more than ten-percent for the wait staff.  Meanwhile, 16-percent admit they tend to leave a higher tip at fancy or more expensive restaurants, while 25-percent won't leave any tip when they dine at a more elegant establishment.  Just over half say the type of restaurant they're in doesn't matter -- they base their tip solely on the quality of the service they receive.  Nearly a third will walk out of a restaurant without leaving any tip if they weren't pleased with their waiter or waitress, while 50-percent "leave a small tip to make a point" about the less-than-satisfactory service.  And 26-percent those who save a little money with a coupon or special deal base their tip on the discounted price -- not what would have been the actual total of the meal.

I always tip at least 20%, sometimes more. What about you? Please call 1-888-413-4156 or you can leave a note below. Thank you.


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on 04.05.13 Beth commented

I am a server and have been for 9+ years at a nice restaurant. I find when the majority of people come in with coupons, they tip on what the check comes out to after the coupons have been taken off. We have to claim tips on total sales before coupons. I have gotten so disillusioned with the amount of gratuity people leave lately...all I ask is %15 I work so hard for my customers and am under alot of stress, I give my all for them. Besides...I am 55 years old...it ain't easy!!

on 04.05.13 Sonny commented

Great point Beth. Thank you for that perspective. I'll share it on the air. I hope it helps people realize their lack of gratuity.



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