Wednesday May, 12th

05.12.10 | Sonny Delfyette |

Good afternoon. On the show today, the "She Says" gang stops by to share what their latest podcast is about. Plus, we'll hear a few of the outtake "bloopers" from the show.

Chocolate! If you're a fan, you already know "Chocolate Is A Very Personal Subject"

(Stratham, NH)  --  The majority of Americans consider chocolate to be a very individualized thing.  Two-thirds of the women taking part in a new Lindt Chocolate survey say that for them, deciding what kind of chocolate to eat is just as personal as choosing lipstick or make-up, and 70-percent of everyone polled equate it to picking an entree from a restaurant menu.  Just over 45-percent note their mood affects their chocolate choice, while 61-percent admit such factors as the time of day and the weather as well as the reasons for indulging influence what type of chocolate they want to eat.  

Milk chocolate is the most popular chocolate, with 55-percent noting that's what they'll typically pick for a sweet cocoa treat.  Nearly 45-percent prefer any kind of chocolate -- as long as it's mixed with nuts, and 36-percent prefer dark chocolate.  Nearly a quarter of Americans enjoy white chocolate.

Our Barbershop quartet sings a ditty about chocolate this afternoon.

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