Vacation Poll

01.14.13 | Sonny Delfyette |

vacationWarm weather is the main factor when it comes to vacationing for those approaching their golden years.  According to a survey from "WatchBoom," Mexico was named the top vacation spot for baby boomers, followed by Hawaii, the Caribbean, Spain, and Costa Rica.  But the sun isn't the only reason they prefer places like Mexico -- expenses are also a significant factor.  Boomers apparently prefer destinations where more all-inclusive hotels and travel packages are available, to bypass some of the stresses that come with planning in advance.  Many 48-to-69-year-old are also substantially more likely to stay at a more luxurious or pricey resort during the offseason to save a chunk of the costs.  Top complaints for many baby boomers when it comes to traveling include finding out about extra charges after arriving at their destination and the inconveniences that come with being in airports during off-peak hours.


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