Tomorrow is Election Day

11.05.12 | Sonny Delfyette |

Tomorrow - Tuesday - is Election Day here in the United States. Here is the Decision 2012 Voter Guide from the Family Life news-team:

Pray! Vote! Pray!

>>Just The Facts

Today in 1872, suffragist Susan B. Anthony was fined 100-dollars for attempting to vote for President Grant.  Here are some more facts about women's suffrage.

FACT:  Women were first able to vote in the Grand Duchy of Finland in 1907, which resulted in three women being elected to parliament.
FACT:  Women who owned property in Quebec, Canada had been voting in the early 19th century, but lost the right to vote in 1849 when the word "male" was added to the voting law.
FACT:  The United Arab Emirates is one of the most recent nations to adopt women's suffrage.  Women in that country were first allowed to vote in 2006.
FACT:  Susan B. Anthony never paid her fine.

 >>In other News, Southwest Airlines To Fly Butterfly To Texas

A New York woman and Southwest Airlines are teaming up to help a monarch butterfly make up for lost time.  Maraleen Manos-Jones tells the "Albany Times Union" she found the butterfly back in September when it was still a caterpillar.  The insect was behind the rest of its monarch buddies in terms of its metamorphosis schedule, and Manos-Jones was worried it would end up damaged because of its slow development.  But she says her six-legged pal came out hearty and healthy, so she started figuring out a way to get the insect from New York to Texas to meet up with the rest of the monarchs.  Manos-Jones called Southwest Airlines, and explained that the butterfly would die if it tried to make the migration on its own.  The airline agreed to help, with spokesman Brooks Thomas noting that "even one butterfly makes a difference."  Manos-Jones and the late bloomer are scheduled to board a plane for San Antonio today.

>>"Wreck-It Ralph" Wrecks Competition At Weekend Box Office

"Wreck-It Ralph" stayed true to his name and wrecked the competition at the box office this weekend.  The new video game-themed film about the John C. Reilly-voiced title character who destroys everything in his path brought in an estimated 49-point-one-million-dollars in the U.S. and Canada.  That gives it the record for the highest-grossing opening weekend in Disney animation history, topping the 48-point-eight-million-dollars "Tangled" made in 2010.  Meanwhile, Denzel Washington's "Flight" wasn't able to soar anywhere close to "Wreck-It Ralph," despite earning a better-than-expected 25-million-dollars in ticket sales.  Coming in at number three is last week's number one, "Argo," with ten-point-two-million-dollars.  

Box Office Top Ten:

1. "Wreck-It Ralph" -- 49-point-one-million-dollars
2. "Flight" -- 25-million-dollars
3. "Argo" -- ten-point-two-million-dollars
4. "The Man with the Iron Fists" -- eight-point-two-million-dollars
5. "Taken 2" -- six-million-dollars
6. "Cloud Atlas" -- five-point-two-million-dollars
7. "Hotel Transylvania" -- four-point-five-million-dollars
8. "Paranormal Activity" -- four-point-three-million-dollars
9. "Here Comes the Boom" -- three-point-six-million-dollars
10. "Silent Hill: Revelation 3D" -- three-point-three-million-dollars




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