"To Save A Life" movie is tomorrow

05.14.10 | Sonny Delfyette |

Good afternoon and welcome to a Friday! Yay! Tomorrow, here at Family Life, we're showing the movie "To Save a Life" for free. All teens and Youth Groups are invited to come see this movie that deals with real life issues. This movie is rated PG-13 for some language, so we are showing the "Church Version", and the majority of the objectible content has been removed. Katie and George from our Youth Resources Department stop by to tell why this movie is so important. You have until 5 to call for your free tickets at 800-927-9083.

>>Facebook Launches Security Feature To Help Block Hackers

(Undated)  --  Facebook is launching a new security feature aimed at keeping computer hackers from gaining access to members' personal information.  It allows Facebook users to grant permission for certain computers and mobile phones to access their accounts, similar to online banking.  The change comes amid a backlash against the social networking giant over the privacy of certain information in member accounts.  The criticism stems from Facebook announcing a new feature allowing non-Facebook websites to post personal views of Facebook users without their consent.  While this appeals to marketers, it has prompted major privacy concerns.  Four U.S. senators recently urged Facebook to change this policy.


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