The Broken Dishes

01.03.19 | Sonny Delfyette | Comments[3]

Today I was walking in the supermarket and suddenly I heard a noise of things breaking. I turned down an aisle and saw a group of people staring at an older lady who had hit a shelf containing plates and glasses with her cart. Many had fallen to the ground and broken.
Kneeling on the floor embarrassed, the lady was frantically picking up the shattered pieces, while her husband peeled off each bar code saying: "We have to pay for all this."

What a sad scene. Someone has a mishap, and all eyes were on her. When I knelt beside her to help a man also knelt beside us and said, "Leave it, we will pick this up. Let’s get your information, so you can go to the hospital and have that wound in your hand looked at."
The lady looked at him and said, "But I have to pay this."
The man said, "No ma'am, I'm the Manager & we have insurance for this. You don't have to pay anything. Let's get you taken care of."
For you who have read this far, I'd like you to close your eyes and imagine God doing the same for you. Collect the pieces of your broken heart from all the missteps and blows that life has thrown at you. God will heal your wounds and your sins and mistakes will be forgiven.
This is the warranty called grace, that when you accept God as your only savior, the manager of the existence of the universe (GOD) will tell you: "Everything is already paid for ... go on your way!"

P.S. Stick on your wall for someone else. I copied this from a friend!!


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on 01.03.19 MMF commented

Love this.

on 01.03.19 Julie commented

Love it! I heard it put this way: If the devil reminds you of your past (which Jesus has forgiven), remind the devil of his future!

On a more humorous note, I witnessed a woman in Walmart back up her little rascal scooter into the entire rack of nail polish. Nail polish went crashing to the floor in an array of colors. I never saw a wheelchair scooter move so fast as she did, to get away from that scene!

Praise Jesus for that forgiveness we have received. And Praise Jesus for the gift of laughter too. :)

on 01.03.19 Mary commented

This ministered to me so much today as Sonny read it on the radio. I wanted to cry but couldn't because I was driving. Thanks for sharing this.