Testimony Tuesday-Your Spiritual Influence

05.15.12 | Sonny Delfyette | Comments[2]

It's Testimony Tuesday on Family Life and today we'd love to hear about the person who led you to Christ. Or, the person who has helped strengthen that walk. Please call 1-888-413-4156, or you can leave a note below.

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on 05.15.12 Elizabeth (from Berwick, PA) commented

I had a godly influence in my parents and grandparents so at a young age (8 1/2) I approached my Sunday School teacher and asked her if she could tell me how to know Jesus as Saviour. Of course she did. The funny part of the story is that when I went downstairs to the sanctuary to find my mom and dad, I got in trouble for being late to church. The rule was that when S.S. was over we were supposed to come directly to church service. When I was able to tell mom and dad that I accepted Christ as my Saviour they of course were very excited and apologized for being upset that I was late. Now I'm in ministry myself and love it. I have the opportunity to lead children to Christ and be a spiritual role model to them. I pray daily that I will be the example that Christ would have me to be.

on 05.15.12 Sonny commented

Hi Elizabeth and thank you for sharing. I hope your heard me read your note on the air.



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