Testimony Tuesday-The Kindness Of A Stranger

06.05.12 | Sonny Delfyette | Comments[2]

It's Testimony Tuesday on Family Life and today we'd love to hear about the kindness of a stranger. Did you have an automobile issue? A financial issue? A situation where you had no place else to turn and suddenly a stranger showed up at the right time to help? Please call 1-888-413-4156 or you can leave a note below. Thank you.


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on 06.05.12 Christine Lickert commented

Good afternoon Sonny. Several years ago I needed to take my daughter to her ortho surgeon for a followup visit to the surgery that she had jus6 three days prior. On a very dreary and blustery day, we chatted as we traveled the thruway, enjoying each others company as we traveled to our appointment. The traffic was moving at 70mph when I noticed that a car had pulled up along side me. All at once we heard a very unfamiliar "pop" sound and asked each other what the noise could have been. I had never heard a sound like that before, but within moments I realized that our tire had blown. Just prior to this happening, I noticed that a car had pulled up along side of me and was traveling at the same speed. When I found a place to pull over, the driver of this other vehicle somehow got over into my lane, got behind me, and pulled off with me. The driver told me that he saw the entire tire blow right before his eyes. Despite the snow and windy conditions, he got out of his car and changed my tire without a moment's hesitation. I wanted to give him something for his assistance, but all he would give me was his name and asked me to remember to 'pay it forward'. There is no question in my mind that God put him in that exact spot at that exact moment on that cold winter morning. He was my absolute guardian angel that day. I have told this story countless times, giving God the glory for sending an angel to me that day.

~~ A side note: After living in the Finger Lakes for the last 21 years, my husband and I moved to Tennessee just two weeks ago and your radio station has been an absolute blessing to me as I keep up with the events in the tri-state area. I am happy to have been a supporter of Family Life ministries for many years, and now I can appreciate the internet service that you provide on a very personal level.

Be blessed today. :)

on 06.05.12 Miranda Lananger commented

Last Christmas my husband and I were doing our christmas shopping for our nieces and nephews; when we left the store and got into the car I looked at the reciept and noticed that one of the coloring books that we purchased was not listed indicated that we walked out with the book and not paid for it. I gave my husband the reciept, book and money to go back in and pay for it. Afew minutes later he walked out with the purchase and told me that the lady who was in line getting checked out had the cahsier ring up on her bill and she paid for the coloring book.