Testimony Tuesday-Overcomer

10.29.13 | Sonny Delfyette | Comments[2]



It's Testimony Tuesday on Family Life, and today we would love to hear your "Overcomer" story. How the Lord helped you through a health issue, an addiction, anger, a difficult situation in your marriage... whatever it is, please call and share at 1-888-413-4156. Or, you can leave a note below. Thank you.


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on 11.16.13 Anonymous commented

how do I find about something in you were talking about and you said find it on some page ?. it was about a kid you played a clip that's all I can remember

on 11.19.13 Anonymous commented

I was encouraged by the gal who said her husband was saved after 16 years praying for him. I am divorced now, and still praying for him after 34 years of marriage, even though we split a few years ago. He is hurting, but says what I have in Christ is not for him, because he doesn't feel it. I have explained it is a decision not a feeling, and that God will take it from there. That it is not religion, it is a relationship. Him and I do have a good relationship right now, but I don't think it will be me who reaches him, so I pray everyday that God will send the right person across his path. Appreciated her message of never give up hope!