Testimony Tuesday-Most Memorable Christmas

12.20.11 | Sonny Delfyette | Comments[5]

It's Testimony Tuesday on Family Life and today we'd like to hear about your most Memorable Christmas. Whether it was one that brought laughs, tears or Blessings. Please call 1-888-413-4156 or you can leave a note below. Thank you, and Merry Christmas!


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on 12.20.11 Kimberly commented

My most memorable Christmas would have to be Christmas of 2004 because after 6yrs. of praying for another child, our almost 7yr. old son got to make a BIG announcement to our entire family on Christmas. Under his sweatshirt he was wearing a t-shirt that read “I’m a BIG Brother FINALLY!! So when he took his sweatshirt off and everyone read his shirt they all started screaming and some cried with excitement knowing our prayers had finally been answered. Now this year we are celebrating our 7th Christmas with our two wonderful “gifts from God” and thanking God for answered prayers!!!

on 12.20.11 Sonny commented

Amen! Absolutely Beautiful Kimberly! Thanks for sharing and, Merry Christmas!

on 12.20.11 Brenda Parrish commented

My most memorable Christmas is when my mom, dad and sister visited my paternal Grandparents in NC. There wasn't any snow but we still had a great time. We even played golf in their back yard! They passed away shortly after that so I'll always remember this.

on 12.20.11 Sonny commented

Golf in the backyard? What a memory. And with your Grandparents too, beautiful Brenda.

on 01.03.12 Danette commented

I caught a little bit of a program on your radio this afternoon b/w 1 & 1:30. Someone struggling with the weight loss roller coaster. She wrote a book. Can you please post the name of this book. Thank You