Testimony Tuesday-Joy

12.07.10 | Sonny Delfyette | Comments[2]

Good Afternoon and welcome to Testimony Tuesday. On today's show we'd like to hear about the JOY in your heart. Did GOD answer a recent Prayer? Have you become stronger in your walk with Him? What brings about the Joy in your heart today? Please call 888-413-4156 or leave a note below.

JOY To The World!

Merry Christmas!


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on 12.07.10 Joyful Co-Worker commented

I thank God for the joy of working with an amazing lady who finds laughter in the big and little things!!! It makes the days at work that much more enjoyable!

on 12.07.10 maddie commented

The Joy of the Lord has strengthen me to forgive those who have hurt me! Just this year some one from my past contacted me to apologize for her part in a painful episode of my life 7 years ago.She revealed somethings that brought peace to my heart!I can honestly forgive and love her!And I know that could only happen through the Joy of the Lord!!!