Testimony Tuesday-God's Grace

08.14.12 | Sonny Delfyette | Comments[2]

I'm sure you know the lyrics, "If I never get to see another rainbow, Or share another life with a friend. If I never stand barefoot by the ocean, Or get to kiss my child goodnight again. If I never have another prayer that's answered, Or have another blessing come my way. If this is all I know of heaven's kindness, Father, I would still have to say... You have been good... You have been good... And I may've wondered how could it be. You have been good... You've been so good, So many ways You've been good to me." That's what we're asking today, "How has the Lord been good to you?" Please call 1-888-413-4156, or you can leave a note below. Thank you.



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on 08.14.12 Diane commented

I am thankful that I have one of my closest friends still with us. Donna Adkins (Elyria, OH) who survived not one but TWO brain aneurisms (17 yrs apart) is home recovering from this last one and can stand up by herself (still needs someone close) but hey, she is a miracle from God to us. :)

on 08.14.12 Anne commented

This is Anne from Ridgway, PA

God is GREAT and WONDERFUL to me and my family in every way! Five years ago, I cried out to God and asked him to show me his path for me. I wasn't sure what to try next. My husband was too sick to work, our families saving were drained, and I was working 2 jobs trying to make ends meet. God spoke very clearly to me with a plan to work 1 job and enroll in college. I followed God's plan even though on paper it didn't make sense financially to quit one job and go to school. Two years into college I began to seriously consider quiting school to make thing easier financially as our daughter prepared to start college herself. God again spoke clearly to me that the finances would work out and that every 3 months I would see evidence of this promise. Sure enough, every three months we receive financial graces in different forms. Examples: unexpected scholarships, debt forgiveness, pay raises, promotions and a part time job turning into full time. And now my husband is well enough to rebuild his career, I am a college graduate with a bachelors degree, and our beautiful daughter is a junior in college. PRAISE GOD for HE IS GOOD! WOOHOO!