Testimony Tuesday-God's Beauty

07.17.12 | Sonny Delfyette | Comments[2]

It's Testimony Tuesday on Family Life and today we'd love to hear how you see God's Beauty? Is it in a stunning sunset? The Gorges, or the lakes nearby? Or do you see God's Beauty radiating from a family member or friend? Please call 1-888-413-4156, or you can leave a note below.

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on 07.17.12 Sandy commented

I see God's beauty each and every day when I open my eyes and look into my daughters face. I really believe children are a gift from GOD. She is my one and only and child and I am so blessed HE gave her to us. I also see his beauty in every prayer that he grants. We have had several members of our family that have been having severe health issues and by GOD's Grace he is seeing each of them through it all. He is an awesome GOD.

on 07.17.12 Sonny commented

Hi Sandy,
Thank you for sharing. I hope you heard your Testimony read on the air at 4:44.