Testimony Tuesday-Feeling Deserted

03.01.11 | Sonny Delfyette | Comments[2]

Have you ever felt Deserted and the Lord brought you through your despair? That's what Testimony Tuesday is about today. Please call 888-413-4156 and tell what happened when the Lord helped get you through, or you can leave a note below...

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on 03.01.11 Sonja commented

It was almost 4 years ago when I felt very deserted and alone. I was 7 months pregnant with my third child (I was remarried in 2002 and this was our first child together). and going through a custody battle with my ex-husband over our 14 year old son (my FIRST child). Our life was good... I was very happy and thrilled to be pregnant... but the thought of letting my 14 year old go live with his father was destroying me. Our marriage had ended in 2000 due to his repeated infidelity. Anyway, even though my son loved us dearly, he wanted to go live with his father because he saw an "easy" road there with little rules and responsibility. The court battle just kept getting harder and harder and more hurtful to all involved. I left court one day, got a LARGE milkshake, drove to the cemetery, where I go often to talk with God and my sister and angel in Heaven, Terry. I sat in my car with this rather large milkshake resting on my rather large pregnant belly and cried and cried and cried out to God ... I screamed over and over "I don't want him to go... I don't want him to go." I don't think I've ever cried so hard and so long in my entire life. When my tears finally dried up and my milkshake was gone... I drove to my wonderful parent's house and talked to them about it. I went home, I prayed some more... I went to bed.. prayed some more. I woke up the next morning enveloped with the most amazing sense of peace I have ever felt about anything. My husband worked nights at the time. When he came home I told him I needed to let my son go with his father, as much as I wanted to keep him from it, I KNEW I had to "let go". My husband didn't understand but trusted me and my faith. It was truly the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life. The only thing I could do was trust in God... with all of my heart... and I did and now, 4 years later, things are o.k... my son has realized a lot about life in these past 4 years.... his father has also realized a lot and I have been shown, the true power of faith in our God and "LETTING GO". I felt deserted for a short time, and the result is feeling the most amazing LOVE in the world... from our God above. I cannot not think about this very trying time in my life without tears pouring down, which is why I'm typing this and didn't call in! But they are tears of joy and triumph and LOVE and FAITH and HOPE!!! :)

on 03.01.11 Sonny commented

Amen Sonja. Thank you for sharing. I understand not calling in with such an emotional Testimony. To GOD be the Glory that you let go and let GOD. I Pray the Lord continues to Bless you and yours and that your son and Ex come to embrace the Lord too.
In Christ,