Testimony Tuesday-Family Life

07.13.10 | Sonny Delfyette | Comments[3]

It's Testimony Tuesday, and today I'd like to hear your Testimony on The Family Life Network. Why do you support Family Life? Was there a song, a sermon, or a Testimony that touched you? Maybe a Theater Production, a Seniors Lunch, or...? Please call 888-413-4156 or leave a note below.

Also today, a chance to win four-buttons for all three days of Spiedie Fest, and tickets to Faith and Family Night with the Jamestown Jammers on July 24th will be up for grabs.

Dose of Encouragement...

(1 John 2:10)  Whoever loves his brother lives in the light, and there is nothing in him to make him stumble.

God’s love drives away all darkness and doubt.  When we love each other, we live in His light – and we’ll never stumble with His love as our guide.



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on 07.14.10 linda commented

i know it's wednesday but i just want to say that as i listen today at work i will be praying for the funds needed to expand -- i can't tell you what a blessing it is to listen during my 10 hour work day -- it helps me focus on the Lord and so often the topic or song is just what i need for encouragement
God bless

on 07.21.15 Peggy commented

Hi, Just wanted to let you know how God has used your radio ministry to "speay to my heart...In late march I was diagnosed with cancer. After mant tests and scans I was told it was stage 4 and inoperable. Shortly after I was told it was cancer I heard a song by Keri Jobe..I am not alone..Every time I got in the car that song would come on the radio!!! I called it my "hug" from God. Then after all the tests were done and I was told the cancer was stage 4 I started hearing a song by Kutless..EVEN IF. Besides the Keri Jobe song . My prayer is that I Can Point others to the To Christ and His saving grace. And I also pray that I will live long enough to continue to minister to my husband who has mid-stage Alzheimers. It is all in God's hands.. Your ministry has been such a blessing. I'm even able to listen when I go for my chemo treatments! God Bless you all for your faithfulness.

on 10.18.16 Brittany Williams commented

I'm pretty shy with being on the phone/radio but I still wanted my story to be heard with the testimony topic today of "choosing life" My mom was going to have an abortion with me and I am so very thankful that she didnt. It really paid off for her because she has told me that she prayed for me. She prayed for a strawberry blonde, blue eyed, petite girl. I am all of those things. Her first child was a girl but she had a miscarriage then she had three sons and was at a point in her life were she thought she wasn't going to have her prayer answered she thought her first girl was it. My mother didn't want to raise another child with out a father this was the reason she gave me for why she thought she would have an abortion. I don't thank God enough for the wonderful miracle of giving me life but in sprit of this week's testimony I feLt the need to share. I love God so much and am so happy and thankful to him that I have this life to live and serve him. If you are reading this from the radio station feel free to read it on the air.
Thank you and God Bless!
Brittany Williams