Testimony Tuesday-Depression

11.29.11 | Sonny Delfyette | Comments[4]

Welcome to Testimony Tuesday on Family Life. This time of the year, many cases of Depression seem to pop-up. Due to finances, relationships, health, or just the changing of the seasons. How has the Lord delivered you from Depression? We'd love to hear your Testimony at 1-888-413-4156, or you can leave a note below.

Plus, Gary and Barb Short from Family Life's FOCUS Counseling stop by to weigh in on this topic that many suffer from.


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on 11.29.11 Erin commented

This time last year I was struggling with depression. I was involved in a very stressful workplace situation. I was losing weight due to the fact that I couldn't keep food down. Due to the stress and being underweight, I had many other health complications and the medical bills were piling up. The Lord delivered me out of that situation at just the right time. I was fired from my job and less than a week later was blessed with another job opportunity. I am now happier than ever doing a job I love and back to a healthy weight. Praise the Lord for he is good!

on 11.29.11 Sonny commented

Amen Erin and thank you for sharing. Blessings!

on 11.29.11 lost commented

What was that offer and number for help?

on 11.30.11 Sonny commented

Family Life offers FOCUS Counseling at our headquarters in Bath, New York at 1-800-927-9083. If we are too far, they'll try to find Christian Counselors closer to you. May God's Peace be with you.