Testimony Tuesday-Children

05.18.10 | Sonny Delfyette | Comments[3]

Good afternoon and welcome to Testimony Tuesday. Today, we'd like to hear how the Lord helped you with your Children. Our greatest Prayer is often for our Children to know and accept the Lord. Has this happened in your life? Please share @ 888-413-4156 or post a note below.

Plus, George and Katie from Family Life's Youth Resources Department stop by and talk about the outcome of our "To Save A Life" movie showing this past Saturday.

And, on the lighter note, there's an "I am so Smart" that you should get a chuckle from.


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on 05.18.10 Paula commented

While our 3 sons were very young, the Lord urged my wonderful and godly husband to pray blessings over each son, nightly. So every night, he and I would kneel over each individual son as they lay in their beds; lay hands on that son and pray blessings into their lives. My husband would pray first and I would follow. It was a wonderful way to end our days and it established great security and peace before bedtime. Our sons became so used to this that even as older teens, they requested their nightly blessings spoken over them. We also asked both of their grandfathers to lay hands on them and bless them at one point in their lives. We praise God for answering those many many prayers of faith and requests for His blessings in their lives. All 3 sons have brought us great joy and are living for the Lord. The Lord blessed our 2 oldest sons with godly and beautiful wives; we are still praying in our third daughter-in-law and know that Jesus will be faithful. We are expecting our first grandchild and with its parents' permission, will continue to bless it as often as it is within our reach.

on 05.18.10 Leanne commented

A few months ago I had he following conversation with my 6 year old daughter. She said, "God is Here", I told her that God is everywhere we just can't see him. After a few seconds she said "He is right here". Then she said something about talking to God. I told her you can talk to God anytime you want but you can't hear God like you hear me. Then she says "Hi God", after a pause she says to me "God said Hi."...If only I was the receptive to hearing what God has to tell me.

on 04.18.16 Bonnie commented

Our 13 yr old granddaughter took communion for the first time in March. Afterward she questioned her Mom on what she could do to bring the Lord into her circle of friends in public school. Her Mom told her to pray about it & the Lord would lead her. We'll did He ever! She talked it over with her best friend,who is also a believer & they decided to see if their group of girls at their lunch table would say Grace with them. The girls agreed, they hold hands & take turns asking a blessing on their meal & pray for the other kids & concerns. It's been 2 month's now & their prayer circle has grown to include some boys & some of the 8th graders. These kids are being a wonderful witness to all the other kids in the cafeteria. I'm so proud that these kids are willing to make a public statement that they are children of God!