Testimony Tuesday-Anger

11.09.10 | Sonny Delfyette | Comments[3]

It's Testimony Tuesday and today we'd like to hear how the Lord helped you with your Anger? There have been many Christian's that know the Lord, yet carry an angry spirit about them. What about you? If the Lord has helped you, maybe you can help someone else. Call 1-888-413-4156 or leave a note below...

Dose of Encouragement...

(1 Timothy 6:17)  Command those who are rich in this present world not to be arrogant nor to put their hope in wealth, which is so uncertain, but to put their hope in God…

The world’s wealth is uncertain. Banks fold and Stock markets crash… But God never fails.  He knows our every need and showers us with the riches of His love.


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on 11.09.10 A not so Angry Daughter commented

Growing up I had a lot of bitterness and Anger against my father. From a very young age I really hated him, didn't want to be near him, didn't want him to be part of my life, and he wasn't going to walk me down the isle when I got married. All I wanted was real relationship with him, a daddy that I could be close with.
God finally got a hold of my life and showed me that He was my Daddy. And that I needed to love Him first and foremost. He then started to convict me of my bitterness towards my earthly father. I started praying for him (my first prayer was "God I really don't want to pray for my dad" lol). Over the last six years God has mended and healed the relationship between my dad and me. I can honestly and openly say I love my daddy! He is a good man with a big heart. God has freed me from all my bitterness and anger towards him.

on 11.09.10 Not So Angry Daught commented

Growing up I struggled with anger and bitterness against my dad. I really hated him, I felt he didn't love me and never really cared about me. I swore he would never walk me down the isle when I was old enough to get married. All I wanted was a daddy that would love me and who wanted to spend time to get to know me.
God got a hold of my life at a big youth rally. He told me that He was my Daddy. That all I needed in a Father was in Him. I let everything go and let Him have it. Soon after, as He usually does, God started working on my bitterness issue. It was not healthy or holy to hate my earthly dad. So I started praying for him (my first prayer was "God I don't want to pray for my father" lol).
Over the last six years God has mended that relationship... nothing of my own doing. He started showing me the things that my dad was doing to try to reach out to me that I had been pushing away. Slowly, the anger and bitterness went away. It was a long journey but the more I let God in the more my dad and I got along.
Today my dad is a man I respect and love. someone I look up to. I thank God for healing this relationship and not letting me stay bitter and angry.

on 11.09.10 Brittany commented

my best friend went to college in austrailia in 2007 for a year. we were really close when she left, and we kept in contact. When she came back home we started drifting and it started to hurt. I blamed it on her since she had a boyfriend and spent a lot of time with him. We lived in the same town, but I started to feel so neglected I move out of towm back to my dads. A couple years past and we hardly talked, and I saw her once when I did a photo shoot for her and her fiance. Her wedding was 5 months later, this past August and I remember ripping the invitation up. I was angry and you can also say jealous that I wasn't any part of her wedding. I wish I had known how selfish I was being, but I didn't until I wrote to her about a month ago and blamed her for the lonliness and depression in my life. I thought it was because she wrote me off and I was starting to hate her. She wrote back and her side of the story was empty to me. Then I asked God to please help me! Shes too important to me to lose, you see she was my first sister in the faith when I came to Christ in her dads church when I was 14. God finally spoke to me and showed that it was me making the friendship drift... because of my anger... I shut her off. Thankfully when I told her what God said to me, she understood and forgave me. I thank God for not letting such an important friend be pushed away by my anger. I missed the most important day (her wedding) but I am so thankful I don't have to miss an eternity of friendship with her. I love you, Moriah!